3 delicious Snacks but Easy with Dates

3 delicious Snacks but Easy with Dates

What snacks can we make with Dates?

There are various Sweets and desserts made with dates, including Date Truffles with chocolate and walnut, tart, etc. Suppose you are a person who is interested in eating sweets and follow a difficult diet to lose weight. In that case, we offer you to make various snacks with different types of dates, such as Shahani Dates, which is a natural sugar to benefit from its extraordinary benefits and satisfy your sweet tooth and adhere to your diet. Dates are fruits that have been used as the main course in Middle East countries. Cultivating dates go back to 7000 B.C. Dates benefits are known for everyone, and the existing fiber of dates is suitable and beneficial for the digestive system and nutrition. Dates are highly used for making foods and desserts in Iran, a date’s exporter company, especially in the south. This article offers several types of snacks made by dates, and we hope to enjoy them. So, don’t miss this article.

Date Truffles with chocolate and walnut

Truffles are a type of French chocolate cake, and if produced originally, it is one of the most expensive and popular sweets in the world. This pastry is usually spherical, conical, and generally curved and decorated with nuts, kernels, cocoa powder, and different decorated chocolates. Truffles were first produced in France, and the most well-known types are the American truffles, Switzerland and Europe. Dates truffle is a healthy and nutritious sweet made from Rabbi Dates, and the reason for its name is because of its spherical and round shape. Date truffles can be combined with melted chocolate or covered with chocolate to give it a particular taste. These truffles can be stored for a long time in a sealed container in the refrigerator and served with tea. This delicious dessert has the properties of dates. So what are you waiting for? Try date truffles with chocolate and walnut.

Date Truffles with chocolate and walnut

Dates Tart

No date or walnut tart can be found easier and tastier than this: tart bread from digestive biscuit with cinnamon flavor with Mazafati Dates, walnuts and condensed milk. If you are looking for a dessert that is quick to prepare and has such a fantastic taste that fascinates everyone, dates tart and walnut are exactly what you need. Of course, a good chef never sacrifices taste for laziness. But this tart is one of those exceptions that are both delicious and do not require much effort. The combination of dates, walnuts and condensed milk is extraordinary for strengthening the body. Dates and walnuts are the exact sources of energy you need to keep you full of energy throughout the day, and of course, the ease of making tarts helps people who do not have much time to cook. A small slice of date and walnut tart is entirely nutritional. So you can keep a tart in the fridge for several days and eat a portion of it every day. Or prepare it for a party and entertain your guests with it. Dates tart is one of the most delicious tarts you have ever eaten, which is easy to make, be sure to try it.

Ardeh and Dates Syrup

One of the best breakfasts of the cold days of the year is eating Ardeh and Dates Syrup. Ardeh and dates syrup provides a high amount of energy to the body’s cells and gives the body the energy and nutrients it needs while providing a feeling of fullness. This fantastic nutritious increases the power of the body’s cells due to its high warm nature. In addition, it has an influential role in meeting the needs of the body. In addition, it has a significant role in providing the needed nutrition of the body. Ardeh, which is obtained by pounding and roasting sesame seeds, is a meal in itself. However, when mixed with honey, the nutritional value and properties of dates syrup will multiply. Some of the essential properties of dates are: prevention of different diseases, strengthening bones and physical strength, improving brain function, relaxing and so on.

Ardeh and Dates Syrup

Bottom Line

Dates truffles with chocolate and walnuts, dates tarts and Ardeh, and dates syrup are three types of delicious snacks prepared with dates and full of nutrients. You can enjoy their unique benefits along with their excellent taste, have fun and get the energy you need for your daily activities. In this article, we introduce 3 snacks that are prepared with dates. We hope that you have obtained the necessary information from this article and that it has been helpful for you. This article will be fruitful in using this sweet and delicious fruit and will cause diversity in the use of children and adolescents.


Source: Crystal Dates Company


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