8 Exciting Benefits of Dates for Pregnancy

8 Exciting Benefits of Dates for Pregnancy

Dates and Pregnancy

Based on the existing evidence of many studies, consuming dates during pregnancy is highly beneficial for women. It can provide energy, prevent constipation, prevent congenital disabilities, etc. When it comes to childbearing, all you need is to have an easy and healthy labor. Although there are many contributing factors, there are exciting facts about dates in this regard. According to the finding, consuming Piarom Dates during pregnancy facilitates delivery and positively affects labor outcomes. But, if you doubt, it is better to read this article entirely and become familiar with dates’ benefits during pregnancy. There are several specific benefits of eating dates during pregnancy which are listed as follows:

Dates provide energy

If you are pregnant and looking for an excellent snack to increase your energy, choose dates. Since your body needs more energy during pregnancy, daily consumption of several dates and other nutrients is recommended because dates are rich in natural sugar. If you feel weakness and tiredness, it can boost your energy.

Dates help with bowel movement

As Sayer Dates have a large amount of dietary fiber, they improve digestive system health, reduce the unpleasant feeling of pregnancy-related constipation by helping with bowel movements, and reduce the risk of preeclampsia. Therefore, it is recommended to eat four dates, which have about 6.7 grams of dietary fiber, equaling about 25% of the recommended daily intake. 

Dates help to build an amino acid

For providing the needed amino acid for body growth, protein is required. Dates are rich in protein and can provide this required protein for body growth. So, date intake during pregnancy is necessary. 

Dates prevent congenital disabilities

WHO suggests the women consume folate supplements and folate-rich foods before and during pregnancy to prevent congenital disabilities. Since Piarom Dates are excellent sources of folate, and the recommended amount for consuming folate is 600 mcg, doctors recommend that pregnant women consume dates to their diets.

Dates provide the needed Vitamin K

Developing a baby’s bone needs Vitamin K, and since babies are born with a low amount of Vitamin K, pregnant women are highly recommended to consume this Vitamin. Mazafati Dates have a large amount of Vitamin K, which is beneficial in clotting and bone development.

Dates provide the needed Vitamin K

Dates prevent Anemia

For preventing Anemia, the body needs iron. Iron help maintenance of hemoglobin in the body and aid immunity of both mother and the baby. Since pregnant women are at risk of Anemia, they need twice the amount comparing those who are not pregnant. Iron deficiency can lead to having a low-weight baby and postpartum depression. According to a nutritionist, dates are a good source of iron and can prevent Anemia during pregnancy.  

Dates provide Magnesium  

Another vital mineral that helps a baby’s teeth and bone formation is Magnesium. Moreover, Magnesium regulates your blood pressure and blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Dates are rich in Magnesium, and consuming them during pregnancy is recommended to prevent magnesium deficiency, reducing the risk of placental dysfunction, chronic hypertension, etc.

Dates control blood sugar levels

Dates are fruits with a low glycemic index (GI). It means that the digestion of dates performs slowly and won’t cause an increase in the blood sugar level of pregnant women due to gestational diabetes. Therefore, pregnant women are highly recommended to consume dates to prevent preterm labor and higher birth-weight babies.

More evidence 

Besides the cases mentioned above, there is more evidence of dates supporting the role during pregnancy. Several separate studies declared that consuming Rabbi Dates during pregnancy contributes to having easier labor. According to a study, women who consume six dates per day are more likely to have an intact membrane and were more likely to go into labor spontaneously. Moreover, 77 % of these women had a shorter stage of work. Based on the other study, published in the Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologyIt is concluded that consuming dates during pregnancy positively affects labor outcomes.


Based on many pieces of research, consuming dates during pregnancy is highly beneficial for women and contributes to have an easy and shorter first stage labor. So, if you are a pregnant woman and crave for a sweet snack, choose dates to use their surprising benefits so that you have shorter and easy labor in addition to satisfying your sweet tooth. 

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