A group that should not eat dates

A group that should not eat dates

Dates are the same fruit that can be found and eaten in any shelter. Some people eat dates with tea instead of sugar.

It is a misconception that the date is a harmless fruit and has no harm and that everyone can use it. There are people who use dates that are dangerous and generally these people should never use dates.

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Ingredients of dates

As you know, dates are high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins, so they contain valuable nutrients, such as iron and magnesium, in addition to natural sugars. Dates also contain a lot of sugar, with about 70 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent sucrose, and 50 percent glucose.

According to the Ministry of Health, these high-quality fruits are high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins, and are definitely essential to maintaining good health, and due to the large amount of iron in the dates, eating 15 grams of dates during the day we can meet the needs of iron and anemia or iron deficiency hereby resolved.

As dates contain natural sugar, they can be used instead of sugar, sugar, and jams, for example a calorie count of a 20-calorie wet date and a 15-calorie dry date can be eaten by that energy. Provided the body. Rabbi dates, especially given the high nutritional value and having a natural sugar substitute for sugar.

Benefits of dates for the body

Dates are one of the most nutritious and tasty nutrients that nutritionists usually recommend to eat on a daily basis. Of course, it should be emphasized that this fruit contains natural fiber and therefore it strengthens the body’s digestive system and is also useful in potentiating the nervous system because of its potassium.

Nutritionists believe that eating dates also reduces the risk of stroke, and by eating the right dates can lower blood cholesterol levels. Experts believe that if people have a tendency to gain weight, can easily benefit from this nutritious fruit (dates) in your diet to incorporate and use.

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Ban on the use of dates for some people

While the benefits of palm dates and the abundance of nutrients in it are mentioned, it can sometimes be very harmful to some people.

Some examples are as follows:

  • People who have scars or blisters in their mouths should avoid eating dates.
  • The remarkable thing is that eating dates with yogurt is also very harmful.
  • Diabetics or people with this disease in their family should also exercise caution when using dates.
  • Obese or overweight people should also be careful about eating dates and not eating too much.

As mentioned, dates have natural sugar, so it can be said that the energy in these dates is much lower than the energy in plain sugar, so consuming as many and as many dates throughout the day is not only a disadvantage. It does not have simple sugar but the energy it produces will be more lasting and will prepare the body for daily living.

Effect of Dates on Fasting Body

It can be said that the use of this nutrient is highly recommended because of its high energy and nutritional value during the holy month of Ramadan. Because the natural sugar in it helps keep fasting blood glucose levels balanced throughout the day when fasting is used, and prevents fatigue and hypotension. Also because of its laxative and having a lot of fiber in it, causing regular activity of the gastrointestinal tract is fasting

Final thoughts

In general, after being aware of the many benefits of date palms as well as the prohibitions on eating them for specific individuals, this nutrient should be included in the food basket of all people and should be used regularly and at all times.

The only thing to consider when using it is to make sure that the dates are fresh and that the taste and color have not changed and that they have no taste or smell.


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