Are Dates Good for Diabetes?

Are Dates Good for Diabetes

Are dates Beneficial or Harmful for People with Diabetes?

What effect do dates have on blood sugar? Dates are sweet and fleshy fruits usually sold as dried fruits and are used alone or in sweets, cakes, desserts and smoothies. Due to its sweetness, consuming this fruit may be one of the concerns of people with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which following strict dietary rules, selecting foods, and preparing them is a basic necessity. Therefore, blood sugar levels can be challenging among people with diabetes, and people with this disease are usually advised to avoid carbohydrates. However, according to nutritionists, consuming this fruit is not harmful to diabetics because the glycemic index of dates is low. Also, replacing dates such as carbohydrates with Mazafati dates in the diet of people with diabetes will improve the controlling status of blood sugar. This article provides more information on this topic. So if you have diabetes and doubt eating dates, we suggest you do not miss this article.

Dates Have a Low Glycemic Index

Dates Have a Low Glycemic Index

What is the glycemic index (GI) of dates, and what benefits this delicious dried fruit has? This index shows how quickly the body absorbs carbohydrate-containing products. All sugary foods have a glycemic index. Therefore, people with diabetes can more easily select their diet and avoid foods that can stimulate severe changes in blood sugar. According to a report published in the Nutrition Journal in 2011, eating dates is not harmful to people with diabetes. According to this study, although dates have high natural sugar but they have a low glycemic index, and blood sugar levels do not increase after eating dates, including Sayer dates. However, if you have diabetes, we recommend you consult with your doctor before consuming dates.

The Effect of Consuming Dates on Diabetes Types

The Existing Fiber in Dates Causes the Slow Sugar Absorption

Dates have significant nutrients and are effective in treating many diseases, including anemia. In addition to treating digestive problems and constipation, the fiber in dates helps your body absorb the sugars in dates more slowly. However, eating this sweet and delicious fruit in moderation is a safe and healthy option for people with diabetes.

The Effect of Consuming Dates on Diabetes Types 

According to a study of Effect of Dates on 2hour postprandial (2HPP) Blood Glucose Level in Type 2 Diabetic Women Patients, it seems that dates can be a substitute for some carbohydrates in the diet of diabetic patients. This study shows that replacing date carbohydrates with bread reduces sugar in type 2 diabetics. This study was performed on 16 patients with type II diabetes whose usual breakfast diet was bread and cheese, dates replaced 50% of the carbohydrate content of their diet, and their blood sugar was measured on two consecutive days. This study shows that substituting date carbohydrates for a portion of bread reduces blood sugar for two hours after a meal in people with diabetes. With a more detailed study in this regard, it is possible to improve blood sugar control in diabetic patients by adding dates to diet.

So Can Patients with Diabetes Eat Dates

So Can Patients with Diabetes Eat Dates?

As mentioned in this article, an essential factor that should be considered in the diet of diabetic people is controlling blood sugar and preventing it from its daily fluctuation. According to this article, since the glycemic index of dates like Piarom dates is low and their fiber causes slow absorption of sugar, moderate consumption of this fruit by people with diabetes does not cause any problem. If you consult with a nutritionist, and the number of your consuming carbohydrates is calculated based on your disease and consuming medicines, not only in moderate date consumption is not harmful; but also it can be helpful due to their unique properties. In case you have diabetes and do not know how many dates to eat per day, in that case, it is recommended that you do not eat more than 1 or 2 dates daily, and it is also better to eat dates with nuts and kernels, which are rich in protein, to digest their carbohydrates more slowly and help prevent high blood sugar.

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