Bushehr/ palm date bridal of tropical trees

Bushehr palm date bridal of tropical trees

Date palm is one of the trees that has a special sanctity among the people of the south, and this is perhaps due to its resemblance to humans, as the palm is male and female and the unit of counting is in person.

Most trees grow more branches if they are cut off, but if the trunks are cut off, they die, or if they are burned, no trace of them is left and they turn to ashes.

Date palms are very resistant to dehydration and seasonal rains are sufficient for its growth. This tree takes root deep in the soil to take advantage of its moisture. It has a long life of up to 200 years, it is propagated by 3 methods of planting seeds, cuttings and seedlings. The date fruit is the basic food of human beings. It has wide, long and beautiful leaves. All parts of the palm are used and it is considered as the bride of tropical trees.


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