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Buy sayer dates crystal dates company

Sayer dates are well-known dates in the world, which are comparatively expensive to buy.

To buy high quality Sayer Dates is an important task of importers.

Sayer dates are mostly bought by importers and not for internal use.

You can contact Crystal Dates Company experts through the links provided below, if you would like to buy Sayer Dates.

Buy Sayer dates in Iran

Sayer dates are considered as one of the most important export dates.

45% of Iran’s date exports belong to Sayer dates, also called as Esta’meran dates.

Sayer dates is one of the sweetest dates in the world.

Its sugar content is above 75%.

The moisture content of these dates is about 18%.

You can buy Sayer dates in Iran from Shadegan city, located in Khuzestan province.

Many foreign Sayer buyers travel to Iran every year, to buy these dates.

Sayer has different grades, so you must pay attention while buying this date.

You can buy Sayer Dates in Iran from Crystal Dates Company who has many years of experience in Sayer export.

Buy Sayer Dates in Dubai

Dubai is considered as the world hub of dates.

Sayer is considered as an International Date.

Dubai and Iran share a close proximity. Due to this proximity, you can also find Sayer dates in Dubai.

Due to many restrictions and sanctions in Iran, importers travel to Dubai to buy Sayer dates.

While buying Sayer dates, you should know that they are also called as Esta’meran dates.

If you plan to buy Sayer dates in Dubai, Crystal Dates Company by having a branch in Dubai can help you in your purchase.

Buy Sayer Dates in India

India is a very vast and populated country.

Indian people are a big fan of sweets.

Yearly, a fair amount of Sayer dates is exported to India.

While buying Sayer dates, you must find a genuine supplier.

You can buy your desired Sayer Date in India from Crystal Dates Company who has been in the field of Sayer export for many years.

Mostly Sayer dates which are bought from Crystal Dates Company are dipped in edible paraffin oil, which is an expensive oil.

Buy Sayer Dates in Indonesia

Indonesia has the highest Muslim population.

Indonesia is the main buyer of Sayer dates, due to its high Muslim population.

Indonesia buys Sayer Dates from Crystal Dates Company, Crystal is a well-known brand in Indonesia.

Indonesia has a good market for Iranian dates.

Crystal Dates Company by having knowledge Indonesian date market and Sayer export rules, provides Sayer in high quality packages to Indonesian buyers.

Crystal Dates Company provides CIF services to Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport) and Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport).

Sayer dates can be shipped without using refrigerated containers in cold seasons, which is one of the benefits of these dates.

Buy Sayer Dates in Bangladesh

90% of Bangladesh population are Muslims. Hence it is the third largest Muslim majority in the world.

In the holy month of Ramedan, Bangladesh buys a huge amount of Sayer dates.

You can buy Sayer Dates in Bangladesh from Crystal Dates Company.

As a buyer of Mazafati dates, Bangladesh imports a large tonnage of these dates every year.

Buyers of Sayer dates from Bangladesh travel to Iran every year to buy Sayer Dates from a genuine supplier.

Sayer dates are mostly exported to Bangladesh in bulk cartons and in ordinary and simple packages.

Buyers of these dates, because they are familiar with the situation of these dates in our country, buy dates in these simple packages.


But there is a point worth mentioning. Although Sayer are mostly exported in bulk, their packaging cartons must meet the minimum requirements.

This country has a good market for Sayer sales.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, through which Crystal Dates Company supplies best quality Sayer Dates.

Buyers should pay attention to the type of packaging when buying Sayer Dates

Crystal Dates Company is the biggest Supplier of Sayer dates in Bangladesh as it provides the best services and the best price and the best packaging with accordance to trade rules and regulations of Bangladesh.

Buy Sayer dates in Russia

Russia is known as one of the most successful buyers of Sayer dates in the world.

Russia is a cold country, consumption of Sayer dates as a hot food, helps Russians tolerate this cold weather.

Strict rules to buy Sayer dates in Russia , as well as the conditions of the food industry in this country, make exporters face strict rules.

Many Russian buyers, buy Sayer Dates from Kazakhstan, as it has easier custom rules.

Russia buys huge amount of Sayer dates yearly from Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company provided FOB and CIF services to port Novorossiysk. Buyers can receive Sayer Dates from Novorossiysk sea port.

Buy Sayer Dates in Europe

Europeans are in love with dates, especially Sayer Dates as it is very tasty food and has a lot of healthy nutrients.

Sayer is one of the major dates for export, which has many exports to Europe.

Yearly, importers buy a huge load of Sayer Dates in Europe.

High quality Sayer dates are divided into the following categories:

Super select


B grade



These dates can be soaked in edible paraffin oil.

The packaging of this date for European market is 200, 400, 900 grams and 10 kg.

You can buy Sayer Dates in Europe from Crystal Dates Company who has a branch based in France.

In addition to wholesale sales, this company also has the ability to sell retail.

Crystal Dates Company by having a branch in France, meets the needs of European market.

European importers can buy high quality Sayer dates with standard and beautiful packaging from Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company has spent a lot of time to provide the best and standard package design to European market. Henceforth Crystal brand is a famous brand between Sayer Importers.

According to Crystal Dates Company statistics, you can name Spain, Germany, Italy and France as the main buyers of Sayer dates.

As there are different grades for Sayer dates, sometimes importers tend to buy the wrong Sayer Grade.

Crystal Dates Company with many years of experience in Sayer Export, can guide the buyers and importers regarding any information on Sayer Dates.

Countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy sometimes buy pitted Sayer, Sayer has large industrial use also.

The possibility of shipping to distant countries without refrigerated containers is one of the significant advantages of this date.

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