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Shahani dates have low price. Hence they are considered as economic dates.

They are sweeter compared to other dates.

It is the most sold dates in domestic as well as international market due to its low price and simple preservation conditions.

To buy good quality Shahani Dates, you can contact Crystal dates Company .

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Buy Shahani dates in Iran

Shahani dates are the economic export dates of Iran .

These dates are cultivated in Fars province, located in south of Iran.

They have a moisture of 17%, Shahani dates are considered as wet dates, which of course are also harvested as semi-dry and dry dates. Hence storage conditions are easy process.

The low price of this date has caused it to have many buyers.

High similarity can be seen in the size of Shahani and Rabbi Dates , therefore sometimes Shahani buyers mistake Rabbi as Shahani.

Many Shahani buyers travel to Iran every year to find a genuine supplier, from whom they can buy Shahani Dates throughout the year.

There are few suppliers of Shahani Dates .

Having a dedicated refrigerator for storing dates as well as standard packaging is one of the most important concerns for Shahani buyers.

You can buy high quality Shahani dates from Crystal Dates Company, who has a cold storage in Bam and has the most luxury packaging for Shahani Dates.

Crystal Dates Company is fully familiar with conditions of sale and storage of these dates.

Buy Shahani dates in Dubai

Dubai is considered as the world hub of dates.

Most of the date traders and suppliers try to establish a company in Dubai also.

You should know that Shahani Dates suppliers in Iran cannot make transactions in other currencies except Rials or Toman.

Importers have no other choice than to buy dates from Arabic countries. They come to Dubai which is the world hub of dates to buy various dates.

Due to the proximity of Iran and Dubai, you will be able to buy this delicious Shahani date in Dubai.

Crystal Dates Company, with understanding the concerns of importers, have solved this problem by installing a Crystal Dates Branch in Dubai.

Due to the importance of Dubai in the world date market, this city has always been known as an important city in the date trade.

Having a branch in Dubai, you can buy Shahani dates in Dubai from Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company as a supplier of Shahani Dates in Dubai, provides these dates with exclusive packaging suitable for Dubai market.

Buy Shahani dates in India

Shahani Dates are bought by many Indian importers.

India has a large Muslim population.

The color of Shahani Dates is light brown to Golden.

Many Indian buyers of Dates prefer Shahani Dates, due to its low price.

To buy good quality Shahani Dates in India , you have to contact Crystal Dates Company.

Buyers of Shahani dates in India , mostly buy Shahani Dates in 3 kg package which is pressed and vacuumed also from Crystal dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company with many years of experience in Shahani Export, can guide the importers to buy the best quality Shahani dates in India.

Shahani has been exported to India since the olden days. Shahani has many buyers in India.

You can buy best quality Shahani Dates in India from Crystal Dates Company.

Buy Shahani dates in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of 17,000 Islands. It is located in the Southeast Asia. It is the first-most populous Muslim-majority country in the world. Jakarta, its capital, is the second-most populous urban area in the world.

The Indonesian archipelago has been a valuable region for Import/Export trade since 7th century.

There is a lot of request for Shahani dates due to the vast Muslim population in Indonesia.

Shahani is known as an acceptable product in Indonesia market.

You can buy high quality Shahani dates from Crystal dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company supplies Shahani dates in the best available packages, with regard to hot and humid climate of Indonesia.

Buyers can work with Crystal Dates Company to buy Shahani dates in Indonesia .

Crystal Dates Company provides FOB and CIF services to Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport) and Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport).

Crystal Dates Company can be associated with Indonesian Shahani distributors with its annual exports to Indonesia and a thorough understanding of the date market conditions in this country.

This port loaded and unloaded 7.8 million TEUs of cargo in 2018.

Buy Shahani dates in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is considered as the 8th most populous country with 90% of its population being Muslim. It has the largest Muslim majority.

As a buyer of Shahani dates, Bangladesh imports a large tonnage of these dates every year.

There is huge tonnage of Shahani import in the holy month of Ramadan, as it is a very sweet date. It can be used as a substitute for food as it regains the lost energy during fasting.

Bangladesh and India share a common border. Hence there is a large tonnage of trade going on between these two countries yearly. India being the first importer of Shahani dates, also supplies this date to Bangladesh very easily.

You can buy Shahani Dates in Bangladesh from Crystal Dates Company as it is a famous and reputable company.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, through which Crystal Dates Company supplies best quality Shahani Dates.

Shahani importers buy Shahani dates in Bangladesh in 3kg packaging which is pressed and vacuumed from Crystal Dates Company.

Buy Shahani Dates in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has a population of approximately 32 million. It is an Islamic country.

In the holy month of Ramadan, people of this country start fasting. As Afghani people are in love with sweets, they buy huge load of Shahani Dates.

Shahani Dates are very economic export dates, hence they have many buyers in Afghanistan.

Shahani date has a lot of sweetness and high nutritional value has been listed for it and is considered one of the best-selling dates in Pakistan.

After harvesting dates, many artisans in this field immediately pack and sell them, and fortunately, these dates can be stored well in covered warehouses for several months.

To buy Shahani dates in Afghanistan, you can contact Crystal dates Company.

As Crystal Dates Company is the supplier of Shahani dates to many countries, Afghanistan also buys a huge load of Shahani dates yearly.

You can buy best quality Shahani dates in Afghanistan from Crystal Dates Company, as it has many years of experience in Shahahni export to Afghanistan.

Buy Shahani dates in Pakistan

Pakistan is considered as the 5th most populous country in the world. It has the world’s second-largest Muslim population.

During the holy month of Ramadan, importers buy huge amount of Shahani Dates in Pakistan, as these are favored by Pakistani people and can help to regain their lost energy during fasting.

To buy Shahani dates in Pakstan, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal dates Company as the main supplier of Shahani dates in Pakistan, has gained a reputable position and experience in Shahani Dates export.

Shahani is exported to Pakistan with simple and brandless packaging.

This Company supplies best quality Shahani Dates in Pakistan in standard and posh packaging in accordance with Pakistan trading rules and regulations.

This date is used more intensively and is one of the most special Iranian dates.

Shahani dates are exported dry in 3 kg pressed and vacuum packed by Crystal Dates Company.

Buy Shahani Dates in Europe

Shahani dates are very healthy food substitute. Europeans use Shahani dates for different purposes.

Of course, these dates are not only used for food or eating alone.

Syrup of Shahani is taken from this date or its processed products are also used.

Sometimes dates are also eaten in the form of Kharak or chopped or crushed to provide sweets for some natural products.

The main exports of this type of dates can be considered to neighboring countries, but fortunately in recent years some of Shahani dates have also been exported to European and American countries.

Shahani dates are exported on huge tonnage to Europe.

Yearly, importers buy a huge load of Shahani Dates in Europe.

European countries are very concerned on any commodity packaging, hence Shahani Dates are imported to Europe in the best packaging available.

Shahani is exported to different countries with simple and brandless packaging.

You can buy Shahani Dates in Europe from Crystal Dates Company which supplies Shahani Dates in standard and neat packaging, according to Europe market request.

Also, all Crystal Dates Company packages have high quality Iranian and European standard marks.

Shahani dates are light brown to golden in color and their flesh and skin stick together.

The packaging of Shahani date for European market is normally dry 3 kg pressed and vacuumed.

You can buy Shahani Dates in Europe from Crystal Dates Company who has a branch based in France.

In addition to wholesale sales, this company also has the ability to sell retail.

Crystal Dates Company by having a branch in France, can supply Shahani Dates throughout Europe.

Many European buyers are satisfied with Crystal Dates Company packaging as they supply Shahani dates in standard and fashionable packaging.

Crystal Dates Company has spent a lot of time to provide the best and standard package design to European market. Henceforth Crystal brand is a famous brand between Shahani Importers.

Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia and France are the main buyers of Shahani Dates in Europe according to Crystal Dates Company statistics.

Crystal Dates Company with many years of experience in Shahani Export to Europe, can guide the buyers and importers regarding any information on Shahani Dates.

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