Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates

Chopped dates are the best Iranian date products

Chopped dates along with date syrup, pitted dates, etc. are considered as Iranian date products. This product, which contains all the properties of dates, is prepared from pieces of dates and is one of the most important export products of dates. Due to its unique quality and taste, this product has been able to attract the attention of many international markets throughout the world. It also accounts for a large volume of Iranian dates exports and has caused imports of foreign currency to Iran. 


Learn more about chopped dates and their properties

Chopped dates have a high nutritional value and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and are a great snack that provides the body with energy. Since chopped dates are made from dried dates such as Zahedi dates, Iraqi Zahedi dates and other dried dates, they have a high shelf life and thus have easier storage, supply and export conditions compared to other items. This product is a great alternative to sugar, and because it is made from a combination of several dates, it has many properties. Date paste also has many benefits for the body, including improving your physical health, gastrointestinal health, bone strength, lowering bad cholesterol, and so on.


Chopped dates prices in international markets

Many factors play a role in determining the price of chopped dates and varieties of dates in foreign markets. These factors include supply and demand, exchange rate, product quality, and type of packaging. Other factors such as shipping costs, manpower costs and harvest season also affect the price and also wholesale price of chopped dates. Inflation rate is also one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on the price of chopped dates as well as the price of such dates as Piarom dates and Sayer dates, etc., which are the most important commercial dates in Iran. They play an important role and, as a result, increase the chopped dates price and also the chopped dates wholesale price. 

Chopped dates prices

For information on the different exporting types of chopped dates and their price, you can refer to the Website of Crystal Dates Company, the chopped dates wholesale company, and inquire about the price. 


Buy Iranian chopped dates from Crystal Dates Company

Chopped dates have always been a favorite product both for domestic or foreign customers as well as foreign traders. This shows the popularity of this date product for chopped dates importers. The unique properties of chopped dates and their very pleasant taste have increased the demand for this product in international markets. One of the things that has always been important for chopped dates importers is to be able to buy this product at a competitive and reasonable price. For this reason, if you want to buy chopped dates or other types of Iranian dates, we introduce you Crystal Dates Company, because buying chopped dates from this company without intermediaries and at a reasonable and competitive price is a good option for buyers and importers. This chopped dates company is always trying to directly and easily deliver and supply this product to customers at the most appropriate price.  

Buy Iranian chopped

Chopped dates wholesale supplier

Are you going to buy packaged chopped dates in bulk? Buying or selling chopped dates in bulk reduces the price of the product like the price of all other types of dates, such as Lulu dates, therefore, chopped dates wholesale is made possible by companies that supply chopped dates in bulk. To buy this product in bulk, you should refer to the centers that sell chopped dates wholesale. Because these wholesale centers are able to supply this product with lower cost and higher quality in the shortest possible time. Importers of Iranian dates and its products, including chopped dates, can buy this product in bulk by referring to Crystal Dates Company, which offers chopped dates wholesale. 


Best chopped dates manufacturer, supplier and exporter

Are you going to buy chopped dates for export? Do you know the companies that make chopped dates? How and from which supplier of chopped dates can this product be purchased? Chopped dates are one of the most famous date products in Iran and due to the high nutritional value of this product, many countries are looking to buy this product from Iranian chopped dates manufacturers who offer a high tonnage of this product to European countries, East Asia and Arab countries annually. Chopped dates also have a high export volume due to the easy storage and transportation conditions of this product. 

Crystal Dates Company, an exporter of chopped dates, supplies a high tonnage of this product to the foreign markets every year, and has always achieved significant success in this regard due to product quality assurance.

Packaged chopped dates supply

Iranian chopped dates are offered in various packages. Dried dates are harvested from the groves when ripe and sent to processing and packaging factories. After washing, sorting and preparing chopped dates and other date products, such as date paste, etc., these products will be supplied in different packages and weights in bulk. Crystal Dates Company, a chopped dates manufacturer, uses the best date harvesting and packaging technologies to manufacture and supply dates and their products. This product is packaged and supplied in this chopped dates company with the best quality to present the product in foreign markets. The products are also packaged according to the foreign customers’ order with the best quality as soon as possible.


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Crystal Dates Company, considering customer satisfaction and maintaining customer health, always tries to supply first-class and quality chopped dates and export them to international markets. To buy chopped dates, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company website and submit your order and receive high quality chopped dates in the shortest possible time.  



The shelf life of chopped dates is around 18 months.

Chopped dates are usually made from dry dates but they are not dehydrated.

Yes flour is used to avoid the diced dates from sticking together.

Our chopped dates are organic and have a natural sweet taste and are not sugar coated. 

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