Color influential packaging dates

Color influential packaging dates

We want to describe Color influential packaging dates .

As you know, color is the first thing a viewer understands from the package. The shape and the writing on the packaging, respectively, after the color, attract the customer. That’s why one of the most important motivational factors in buying a product, its packaging is color.

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The right place for colors

Considering that each color is in a particular place of packaging is one of the most important points that manufacturers should consider.

For example, the green color, if used incorrectly, can be a sign of corruption and decay, and, on the other hand, can be used to reflect freshness and freshness.

Or red as the color of danger, while colors look impressive and attracts more customers. It can also be said that red is irritating and stimulates appetite. Therefore, most companies and food packaging companies use this color in bulky to light colored spectra.

In choosing the color of food products, in addition to paying attention to the color of the foodstuff, the characteristics of the consumer group can also be considered, and eventually use the colors as a powerful tool.

Dates are a category of materials whose adolescents are mostly adult, and the design, and the lego and its color, should definitely be tailored to this age group.

The relation between taste and color

Among the most important point is to use food color, deep and broad relationship with the taste of the food is color.

For example, the use of orange for orange products, such as a drink is very common, and color other than this color is unusual.

Or dates due to its brown color, it can be used in brown color spectrum from pale to tall, as well as with beautiful pale green leaves.

Colors and marketing

In the use of colors, the advertising and marketing aspects of the product is of particular importance and given the widespread and competitive market of products, perhaps even more important than food. In choosing color combinations for a product, product review may be necessary. Intentionally or accidental use of color combination close to or similar to another company’s product is undoubtedly a positive impact on the consumer will have a huge negative.

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Crystal Corporation, considering this very important point, has been able to design and execute attractive packages for their dates. This is a remarkable success that less companies have been able to gain.

Crystal Co. has been designing a wide range of packaging in a variety of ways, with a variety of dates in mind. This has made it one of the top exporting companies in the pack.


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