Date core properties

Do you know date core properties?

In addition to its own properties, its core also has countless properties.

The date core can be used as an anesthetic enhancer. The palm kernel should be burned and then thoroughly crushed and placed on a wound to heal it well.

The other properties of this core is that it can kill kidney stones well and break through it by removing kidney stones. This form of treatment is that it first crushed and then boiled it regularly consume. One of the most interesting treatments for diabetes is therapy with palm kernel. In fact, the date, despite having natural sugar, can easily resolve diabetes. The core can be a good stop runny eyes. In addition, some believe that the palm kernel can also be used to increase visual and visibility.

Is the date core suitable for women?

Another characteristic of the palm kernel is that it increases breast milk. Lactating women should regularly several times a week, eat crushed palm kernel. In fact, palm kernel, like a date fruit, has antioxidant properties and can well prevent the damage to the mother’s DNA structure. Of Other uses of the drug date can be note that it is used to prevent toothache, which can put the core powder on the tooth to easily eliminate toothache.

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