Date refrigerator

Date refrigerator

The Date refrigerator must be very clean, have a suitable environment, suitable temperature, proper lighting and care personnel.
Cleaning is very important in the morgue of dates, and it must be free of pollution.
. The cooling environment must be at the right place, and the possibility of the microbes or the environment that is not a large entry or exit. Cold houses are sure to be far from direct contamination or dangerous and toxic gases. The temperature should be suitable when neither dates are hit by cold, nor heat will cause the dates to deteriorate. The temperature determination is one of the important points in storage of cold storage. The morgue should have the right light to be seen if there were insects and those in the environment, or they can be well monitored on the dates and examined the quality of the products.
Also, the entrance door of the refrigerator and all doors must be completely closed, and the doors are according to standard.Be sure that the personnel in the morgue should be arranged in clothes and coatings and be sure to use gloves because germs are easily transported.

Conditions for storing dates in refrigeration

Different types of situations must be kept in different circumstances, and in other words, the structure of our own is different. For example, a honey-like date has a lot of moisture, it should be placed at a lower temperature than other, to prevent corruption and damage.
On the other hand, such as Zahedi dates can also be kept in appropriate conditions, and although the preservation of these dates should not be too long because these dates are also exposed to heat, it will naturally cause the growth of the animal as well as the conditions for its failure. On the other hand, the temperature should be determined according to the type of date and not all of the temperatures are kept in one temperature.Compliance with the principles of the standard Organization must be The type of refrigerator design food its maintenance must be in a way that meets the principles of the standard organization and has all the characteristics of a standard morgue. On the other hand, we have to fix all the problems that are seen in the cold storage, so that they can properly store the dates in perfect condition.


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