Date Syrup

Date Syrup

Do you know what date syrup is?

Sometimes we are unmindful of eating some foods that are very nutritious and have miraculous properties but we do not include in our diet. Date syrup is one of these foods that is produced industrially in factories in Iran and since it has been able to attract the attention of many countries around the world, it is exported to many countries annually. With its dry climate, Iran is one of the countries that annually produces a variety of dates such as Kimia dates, and date products such as date paste, date syrup, etc. in high tonnage, which are the most important export products.  


Iranian date syrup manufacturer and exporter

Natural date syrup is one of the products that is produced in Iran more than anywhere else in the world because this country is one of the largest producers of dates in the world. Various methods, including traditional and industrial methods, are used to prepare this unique product, and the best and organic date syrups are manufactured in and exported from the date producing provinces of Iran, areas where the best dates are produced, to all over the world. For this reason, it should be said that all kinds of Iranian date syrups can be 100% organic and natural in these areas. Crystal Dates Company, which is one of the manufactures and exporters of date syrup and Iranian dates, uses the industrial method in the production of this product, and to this end, uses fully automatic devices. This company manufactures date syrups naturally and purely in the factory using the highest quality and freshest dates produced in the country and exports it in various packages at reasonable prices.   

About date syrup and its properties

Date syrup, which is one of the date products like chopped dates and is prepared from various dates such as Shahani dates, has many properties and has a high nutritional value, and also contributes to the health of the body and the treatment of many diseases. Consumption of this syrup at breakfast provides energy for the whole day. This food contains protein, natural sugar, minerals and vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, as well as A1 and C, which, if consumed, provide the vitamins your body needs. They also contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose and are a good choice as snacks. 

About date syrup and its properties

Where can we buy the best date syrup?

At present, dates and date products manufactured in Iran are exported to many countries around the world and have many fans. Date syrup, like other types of dates, such as Kabkab dates, etc., has a significant power to import foreign currency to Iran and significant quantities of date syrups are exported to foreign countries annually. High quality date syrups, which are prepared from dates such as Shahani dates and Mazafati dates, have a high shelf life and due to their excellent taste and quality, they have attracted the attention of world markets and also date syrup importers in neighboring countries, especially Europe. If you want to buy date syrup, you can buy it from reputable and well-known manufactures of date syrup. Crystal Dates Company has years of experience in the field of manufacturing, supply and export of dates and its products and provides this quality product to its customers with an experienced and professional team. To buy date syrup from this date syrup company, you can contact the sales experts of this company directly through Crystal Dates Company website and buy the product you want. 

Date syrup price

Date syrup price

Crystal Dates Company has one of the largest and most famous factories for manufacturing of date syrup and always tries to provide the best type of date syrup at the most appropriate price to customers and importers of date syrup. Many factors play a role in determining the date syrup price and the wholesale price of this product, including quality, grade and packaging. Also, determining the date syrup price is one of the factors that play an important role in the trade of this product. Therefore, date syrup manufacturers determine the price of this product before supplying or exporting it. Crystal Dates Company, as a date syrup exporter, exports this product to foreign markets at a reasonable and competitive price. To buy date syrup, you can contact the sales experts of this date syrup company and find out the date syrup price and the sales price of dates. In addition to date syrup, this company is a supplier of Rabbi dates, Piarom dates, etc. at a reasonable price.   

Date syrup supplier

Date syrup supplier to global markets

Date syrup suppliers supply this product to date syrup customers and importers at a low cost. Date syrup suppliers export high quality and first-class date syrups to other countries, taking into account the market conditions, in various packages and with reasonable prices in order to both earn foreign currency and also gain customer satisfaction and trust. Crystal Dates Company, one of date syrup suppliers, annually sends a high tonnage of this product to international markets and supplies it to many countries in the world, and because of its direct sales and supply, it has a reasonable price.

This date syrup supplier also has some branch offices in Iran and Dubai and has a high reputation among importers and customers in foreign countries. 


Date syrup wholesale supplier

How is the date syrup wholesale market in Iran? Date syrup wholesale has reduced the price of this product for date syrup importers who intend to buy in high tonnage. Because they can buy their desired product in high volume with the lowest possible cost. Date syrup, like Rabbi dates, Deglet Noor dates, etc., is mainly sold in international markets. Iranian date syrup importers can order this export product with a reasonable price and the highest quality and in the desired size from the wholesale suppliers of date syrup. Crystal Dates Company, one of the most reputable wholesale suppliers, is able to sell date syrup in bulk. If you want to buy date syrup and all kinds of dates, you can buy this fruit in high tonnages from Crystal Dates Company in the shortest possible time with the highest quality and the most suitable price.


Date syrup packaging

One of the best-selling Iranian date products is date syrup. This product can be supplied to international dates markets in quality packages as well as in bulk after being manufactured in the factory, which uses the best types of dates for manufacturing the products. Packaging and supply of date syrup in Crystal Dates Company is done according to modern world standards. Crystal Dates Company, which is one of the date syrup wholesale suppliers throughout the world, offers this product in quality packaging and delivers it to customers in bulk. The quality of date syrup offered by this company is high and they have a stylish and completely hygienic packaging and their quality is fully guaranteed.



Date syrups are supplied in bottles or plastic jars according to the customer’s order.

Date syrup is a natural sweetener and no sugar is used in its production.

Our date syrups are dairy free and nut free and are natural organic date syrups.

The shelf life of date syrup is around 18 months after production and do not need any refrigeration.

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