Dates are the Best Replacement for Sugar


Why avoid sugar?

The anecdotal evidence has shown that having a high-sugar diet is harmful to our bodies. Moreover, nutritionists believe in sugar as nothing short of poison. According to researchers, consuming sugar is directly linked with many diseases; it can cause a spike in glucose level, speed up aging, lead stress, lead to tooth decay, interfere with the way your body fights diseases, etc. How often do you eat sugar and sweet foods? Have you ever thought about it as an empty food or a poison or think about cutting it down from your diet?  

Having a desire to eat sweet foods is an innate desire. If you have this desire severely, it is time to leave your habit and fight your sweet craving and start to eat a guilt-free healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Having effects on the body health, nutritionists suggest consuming natural sugars such as Rabbi Dates to improve the body health. In this article, first, we talk about the harmful effects of consuming sugar, then we aim to show you why you must consume natural sugar such as dates instead of sugar. Let me count the health risks associated with a high sugar diet.

There are plenty of reasons why white sugar is harmful to your body. Several reasons are listed as follows:

Sugar increases the risk of many diseases

Consuming sugar leads to the contribution of blood sugar to many diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. According to the research, various forms of cancer are related to these high-glycemic diets due to high amounts of sugar consumption. Moreover, studies have shown that the function of your body’s immune system is highly affected by sugar consumption. Based on these studies, bacteria feed on sugar, and a high amount of glucose in our bodies causes infections. So be careful about your daily sugar consumption.

Sugar causes a spike in glucose levels

Large sugar consumption causes unstable blood sugar, leading to headaches, mood swings, and fatigue. Moreover, it helps to start a false hunger cycle by contributing to craving. According to evidence, those who avoid sugar consumption are energized and emotionally balanced and have fewer cravings.

Sugar speeds up aging

Not only does sugar affect your body composition, but also it can affect your skin. While you probably know that sugars can affect your body health, they can also mess with your skin by contributing to wrinkles and sagging. After sugar hits your bloodstream, it attaches to proteins. The mix of these proteins with sugar causes the skin to lose elasticity and leads to premature aging.

Look at the benefits of dates for skin and hair

A high sugar diet can lead to tooth decay

Having a high-sugar diet can lead to basic cosmetic damages, which we may sometimes forget. Sugar can cause tooth decay more than any other food. So, it is recommended to lower sugar consumption in your diet or brush your teeth twice a day to stop sugar from feeding bacteria. 

Sugar causes stress.

Sugar causes stress

When we have stress, releasing large amounts of hormones, our body starts to fight with this feeling. If our blood sugar is at the average level, our body has the same chemical response. If you eat sugar, the stress hormone starts to reduce sugar by raising your blood sugar. So, what is the result? Irritability and anxiousness. 

Sugar lowers the intake of essential nutrients

According to several studies, those who consume more sugar have the lowest consumption of essential nutrients, including Vitamins A, B, C, and calcium, which is dangerous, especially for kids and teenagers, who need more vitamins and minerals and simultaneously consume more sugar. 

Did you know that a high sugar diet can affect mental health

According to many studies, our brain and mental health are linked to sugar. Are you a person who finds themself comfort consuming sweet foods at the time of loneliness or worry? Based on the studies, sugar can lead to a learning disorder, dementia, and depression, negatively impacting long-term memory. 

Now you are familiar with some adverse effects of sugar. Dates are chewy, and they have a sweet flavor; additionally, they are rich in minerals and various vitamins. So, we can consider them as guilt-free healthy sweet snacks to satisfy a sweet tooth. In this article, we will discuss some essential benefits of adding dates to your diet. It is the best time to be familiar with some of the Dates’ main benefits and know why to choose it instead of sugar. several reasons are listed as follows:

Dates are Beneficial in Anemia treatment

Dates such as Mazafati Dates are rich in iron, and they can treat iron deficiency, producing red blood cells. Bone marrow needs iron for producing Hemoglobin, and lack of iron leads to failure in Hemoglobin production. So, if you suffer from iron deficiency and Anemia, it is highly recommended to consume dates.

Dates are Natural Sweetener

Dates are rich in fructose, which is the existing natural sugar of fruits. Since they are rich in nutrients, fiber, and minerals, they are considered as an excellent substitute for white sugar, and you can make date paste, date syrup, etc., from Piarom Dates and have a delicious snack. 

Dates are Nutritious

Dates including Sayer Dates contain many vitamins and minerals and have a great nutritional profile. Since dates are dried, their calorie is higher than most of the fresh fruits. 

Most of the date’s calories belong to Carbs, and the rest belongs to fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, copper, Manganese, Iron, respectively. In addition, they have a large number of antioxidants, which help to improve body health.

Dates are high in fiber

Getting enough fiber is essential for digestive health, prevent constipation, and help the regular bowel movement. By adding dates to your diet, you can increase your fiber consumption. Moreover, fiber is a boon for preventing spiking blood sugar levels.

Dates are high in Antioxidants

Compared to other similar types of similar fruits, such as fig, dates have the most antioxidants, including Flavonoids, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps inflammation reduction and can potentially reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and several types of cancer. Phenolic acid reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, Carotenoids, which are beneficial for improving heart health and reducing disorders related to the eye. Since antioxidants protect your body cells from free radicals, they help minimize the risk of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. 



Dates are beneficial for bone health

For having strong bones and dental health, your body needs calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Lulu Dates are rich in these minerals. So, if you want to fight bone-related problems, including osteoporosis, add dates to your diet with no hesitation.

Dates Contribute to Improving Brain Health

Daily consumption of Zahedi Dates improves brain health and function. According to the evidence from many studies, dates are beneficial in reducing inflammatory markers like interleukin 6 (IL-6) associated with a high risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, date intake can help lower amyloid-beta proteins’ activity, which their accumulation in the brain leads to brain cell death. Dates also contribute to having better memory and learning ability. The potential property of dates for improving brain health is related to the existence of antioxidants called flavonoids. 

The bottom line

Now that you understand why sugar is terrible for your body and you are familiar with its adverse effects on your body, it’s time to be more careful about choosing your food. Either white sugar is a poison and has many negative effects on your body and brain health. Sugar is an empty food that provides you nothing healthy and leads to many physical and emotional feelings. We offer you to cut it down and choose another healthy sweet snack to satisfy your sweet craving. So, what could be better than dates? Dates are delicious and nutritious, and they are worth adding to your diet. They are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, and all these minerals will provide many health benefits for your body and lower the risk of many diseases.

Moreover, they can be used as a great snack or to add to different smoothies or desserts to enjoy. So, don’t hesitate and add this delicious fruit to your diet instead of sugar. You won’t regret it.

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