Dates conditions during the harvest season

Dates conditions during the harvest season

As you know, dates are planted in a special season and harvested in another season. Due to the weather conditions it is necessary to harvest and market the date palms.

Therefore, farmers are very careful about harvesting dates to provide consumers with a high quality product.

The availability of dates in the harvest season

Since the harvest season is full of date palms from different fields, so it can be said that more dates are available than other seasons. Therefore, all warehouses as well as cold stores are filled with more dates.

The relationship between access to dates and its price

It should be noted that due to the availability of many dates, the price of the product is reduced. This is due to the fact that dates in other seasons of the year due to the scarcity and scarcity in different parts of the country, the price increase.

Therefore, it is recommended that consumers study and raise their awareness of the date of planting and harvesting dates to be able to easily and cheaply purchase at the specified time.

Final thoughts

Consumers should know that the only reason for expensive dates is their scarcity. So by studying this, they can buy dates at a specific time.


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