Dates grading

Dates grading

The Middle East includes countries that produce dates of date.
Dates can be considered one of the most interesting products in the world because it grows in a few countries and its kind is different in the same country.
For all types of dates in different countries there are different grading.
These standards and grading are mostly related to the country’s date producer.

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A date with a global rating

sayer dates , which is an international date, has graded the United States.
The dates are the world’s most bestselling dates and also known as industrial dates.
All countries adhere to this rating, and buyers are also aware that when they buy and sell these dates with a particular degree, they know exactly what kind of dust they want.

Grading of Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates have different grading that this rating in Iran is accurately adhered to and foreign buyers usually want to buy when they come to Iran and know what kind of quality they should order.

This makes it easier for buyers and sellers to understand each other and to make the dates more quickly.


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