Dates Packaging

Dates Packaging

The Necessary and very important component in the production of a product is the task of introducing the product packaging and maintenance products, from production to consumption is responsible.

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What do you think of the design of the packaging?

Maintenance, storage, transfer and distribution, storage, sale and use of the product requires the protection of the science, art and technology, so that the least harm and damage during production, up to consumption of the product, as well as the environment.

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Packaging steps

  • Designing
  • Assessment
  • Generate packages

It should be noted that the main function of a healthy packaging is to protect the product.

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Having packed with standard tags provide the ability to see the product inside the package as well as the preservation of our environment.

Important steps in the development of packaging standards and technical specifications have been made by companies and important factors. Including :

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and accredited and national standards organizations in advanced countries.

Notable point 

Package design includes the design of packaging physics and its graphics.

Packaging purposes

Physical protection

Layer and barrier protection




Ease Factors affecting packaging

1- Requirements:

good quality

Package compatibility with product

Requirements for environmental conditions (especially in terms of safety)

Compatibility with nature and environment

  1. The protection and maintenance of:

Mechanical damage

Along the distribution

During storage

  1. Chemical damage:




Interaction between packaging and product

Environmental damage

Microbial / Insects / Infected animals

Specifications and Information

Market Attractions

Consumer convenience

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