Eating Date with Tea

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Eating dates with tea experience at least once in our lives. There are various opinions and conversations in this area.

Searching through the various scientific sites and content over the years has been to choose the best option for eating with tea, which often makes this question more often in our minds as to whether or not to finally drink tea with dates.

Natural sugar and sugar free

Natural sugars are sugars that come from beets and sugar cane, like the sugars we have in our sugars.

On the other hand, the sugar found in fruits such as dates, raisins, dried onions, etc. is sugar free.

Free sugar is easily absorbed by the body and has a calorie value of 1 gram per kilogram, so they are not as different from other sugars.

Therefore, excessive consumption of this type of sugar can also be harmful and harmful.

Permitted consumption of dried fruits (dates, raisins, etc.)

A person who is overweight and wants to get some nutrition in his or her diet but does not want to enjoy the sweet food can eat dried fruits such as dates, dried berries, raisins.

It should be noted that the smoking rate to be determined by an expert.

Drinking tea with a minimum of sweetness is not a difficult task and the taste is gradually getting used to the less sweetness of the tea as with other everyday habits.

Should we use wet dates with tea or dry dates?

The low moisture content of the dried dates makes it long lasting.

For example, if you store dry dates in the fridge, it will stay fresh for up to 5 years.

While the shelf life of fresh dates is less than 1 to 4 months.

Those who are trying to lose weight are recommended fresh dates and those who are trying to gain weight can get help from dry dates.

Disadvantages of eating dates with tea

Now let’s look at something interesting that we are less aware of.

Boiling water or hot tea and hot drinks in general when combined with sugary or dry pastries such as dates.

In this case, energy is not absorbed under any circumstances, as we have imagined!

The question is, what attracts the body?

Just sweets are absorbed into the body.

It should be noted that tea and coffee are very common drinks all over the world that people are accustomed to eating with sweeteners, but these sugars can damage dental health and increase blood sugar and ultimately diabetes. .

Is it right to consume sweet and dry fruits (dates, raisins, raisins) instead of sugar and sugar?

Regardless of, or better to say, no matter what the advertisements about the dangers of sugar and sugar consumption, including Alzheimer’s and diabetes, we Iranians are accustomed to eating tea with sweet foods.

The amount of energy the body receives by eating a regular sugar cube (about 1 gram weight) is assumed to be 5 kcal / kg.

This figure is very noticeable compared to some dates or berries that are 1-2 kcal.

Finally, due to the properties of dried fruits such as dates, these types of sweeteners can be the best alternative to sugar or sugar when consuming tea.


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