Foliar feeding to improve the quality of dates

Foliar feeding to improve the quality of dates

Foliar feeding has been strongly emphasized to improve the quality of dates. The gardeners and farmers should implement these instructions to make the most of the highest quality fruit harvest dates.

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One of the important factors in decreasing the yield and quality of arid and semi-arid regions of Iran, is the low efficiency of nutrient absorption by plants. Palm dates are mainly cultivated in the southern parts of the country due to the low moisture content in the soil and the calcareous nature of the soil, due to the difficulty of absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow in The ability to absorb these elements is less than necessary for proper growth and product development. Considering these conditions, supplying part of dates nutrients through leaf nutrition can improve yield and quality of date palm due to tree nutrition conditions.

Instructional steps

  1. Preparation of composite soil samples from different depths, 60-30 ° C and 60-90-60 cm (How to prepare composite soil specimens initially from soil, 60-30 ° C and 60-90-60 cm soil at different points) Your palm is sampled separately and then the specimens are cut to each depth and a 2 kg specimen is sampled to represent that depth and is analyzed separately. Water is sent).
  2. samples of water and soil and water analysis laboratories to determine the quality of the water.
  3. Preparation of compound leaf samples (20-25 leaf extracts from the middle of the second row leaves of tree from different points of the palm tree and mixing them together and selection of 20-25 leaves from them) for complete analysis in the field. And determination of nutrient status of palm leaf.
  4. Preparation of fully decayed animal manure, powdered sulfur, thiobacillus inoculum, and low and high consumption chemical fertilizers
  5. Preparation of Thiobacillus inoculus mixtures (inoculation of 500 g of Thiobacillus inoculum with 25 kg of sulfur powder).
  6. Dig 4-3 pits of 0.5x 0.5 x 0.5m around the tree about 1m away from the trunk.
  7. 7Filling pits with 20 kg of animal manure, 1 kg of powdered sulfur with thiobacillus inoculum (based on general recommendation), high chemical fertilizers based on soil test results, and common chemical fertilizers.
  8. Prepared fertilizer solution (zinc sulfate fertilizer at the rate of 3 grams per liter of water with urea to 5 grams per liter of water mixed)
  9. Foliar spraying with fertilizer solution, four times: immediately after harvest, 15 days after spraying, spraying time, and 15 days after spraying, with approximately 10 liters of solution per place per tree. Spray.Observe all farming principles including proper irrigation, weed removal, pest and disease control and other necessary care.


– It is recommended to spray in early morning or evening.

– The ambient temperature should be less than 30 degrees Celsius during spraying.

– Relative humidity of the environment during spraying should be more than 70%.

– Addition of adsorption surface enhancers including dishwashing liquid (0.5 ml per liter of water) to fertilizer solution is recommended to increase the amount of elemental uptake by the leaf.

– It is best to apply a foliar spray solution that has a low velocity in the environment.

– It is best to irrigate the palm trees after spraying.

– Maintaining the internal moisture of the pits inside the pits is essential in order to provide the proper conditions for the activity of the oxidizing bacteria in the pits, and the soil inside the pits should not be dry and moist.


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