How to keep dates fresh?

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How to keep dates fresh? You may have come across this problem many times already and you don’t know how to properly store purchased dates so they stay fresh and don’t lose their properties! That’s why reading under all approaches and methods available for this action are mentioned.

Now we go over the ways of keeping the dates right to keep it fresh

Palm fruit that can be used for drying. Both dry and humid fruit have many benefits and benefits. It is noteworthy that this nutritious fruit is known worldwide for its sweet and sweet taste. If we can maintain some moisture and freshness dates, delicious taste much better it will be.

Hence the need to know how to care if they stay fresh dates, may play a crucial role in the food on the table all have dates. However, if this storage period is prolonged, storage is no longer appropriate in the workplace and it is best to keep it in a refrigerator and in a sealed container, which can be up to a week or so. He stored the varieties of dates for the longest time under proper storage conditions, fresh and healthy. It should be noted that if you keep the shrimp freezer in bulk it is better to save it on the shelf life so that it can be stored longer.

The proper maintenance dates

Put the dates in the zippered plastic bag

In this case you should be careful that after packing the dates into the zippered plastic bags, it is best to consider the storage life carefully so that it does not last long and the dates do not remain in the plastic bags. An important point to keep in mind is that you should try to remove extra air when placing dates in a plastic bag, as the air in the bag will cause the dates to rot faster.

Storage of semi-dried dates at room temperature

To do this, it is important to place dates that are slightly moisture in sealed containers and try to keep them out of the reach of insects and in a cabinet or cupboard or fruit container. Keep in mind that dates should not be exposed to direct sunlight or gas stoves at all, as too much sunlight as well as stove flame can cause dates to deteriorate. So it is recommended that the date purchased at an appropriate time use it.

Maintenance dates moist and juicy inside refrigerator

Wet and juicy dates, unlike dry and semi-dry dates, must be kept in the refrigerator because they are moist and provide a suitable place for the growth of microscopic organisms. Therefore, it is best to store them in the refrigerator to preserve the delicate taste of moist and juicy dates. While preserving the taste of dates, it also prevents the dates from spoiling and souring for a short time.

The most appropriate time for taking dates

You should know that the best and best time to use dates is about a week. Because at this time the real taste and aroma dates will be preserved and can be enjoyed taking it. It is true that this time of consumption is more than one week, but the best and most appropriate time for the public is considered one week. However, if these dates are kept in containers in a closed container without a particle of air, this period of storage outside the refrigerator can be approximately one month.

If this period of storage is extended, the initial flavor will be reduced, and the leachate will eventually accumulate in the bottom of the container, which may show both a bad appearance and may be long-lasting. dates are to be corrupt and cause a short fermentation. Also, if the dates are kept outside the refrigerator, it loses moisture after a while and results in shattering. An important factor that can help us identify the date palm is broken is that it has a thick smell and may not have a specific flavor. These are items that indicate the date palm is selected.

Dates kept in the freezer

If you keep the dates in the freezer, you can store them for up to a year. If you are planning to buy fresh dates, you should first use the dates inside the freezer and pack the dates in the freezer correctly. If so, you can have good dates for yourself and your family for up to a year. Note that the shelf life of semi-dried dates is much longer than the dates.

The correct way of storing dates in the freezer

If you want to keep the dates longer, keep them in the freezer where they are not easily accessible. To do this, you need to put the dates inside the zippered plastic bag so that you can clear all the air inside the bag. Dates are within a centimeter of each other until after the freeze and increasing the volume inside the freezer, will not tear the plastic bag.

A perfect place in the freezer maintenance dates

You should know that bags containing palm should be kept in the bottom Freezer. Because when the dates are at the far end of the freezer, storage and storage time increases and the crumbs later rot. Even in the event of a power outage for any reason, frozen items in the freezer’s bottom will glow later in the day, making it effective. So this method is very suitable for times when you intend to keep dates longer.

Suitable time to eat frozen dates

If you use frozen dates, you need to refrigerate them for about 2 hours at room temperature to completely freeze them. If you suspect that dates have expired and that they may be rotten, you should be careful about having the same date palms. But if you change its taste, you should avoid it. When you do not have enough time to melt the frozen dates, you can easily place the dates in a bowl of warm water that can be consumed after 5 minutes.

storage of dates for 3 years or more

If you want to keep dates for more than a year, you should put them in the proper packaging so that you can store them for up to 5 years. Like other dried fruits, dates will be prolonged when stored and stored in the freezer without being rotten, if properly packaged and sealed. So when packing dates to freeze it, be sure to put it on the same date so you don’t have to worry about it. Keep in mind that when packing, you need to completely remove any excess air inside the pack. Also, when consuming dates, after taking them out of the freezer, you should not consume them if you have an unpleasant taste and smell.


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