Import Dates to Azerbaijan

import dates to azerbaijan

The Crystal Date Company exports date from Iran to Azerbaijan.

You can supply all Iranian dates via our company.

Azerbaijan is one of the regular purchasers of Iranian dates.

The Imports of the Piarom Date to Azerbaijan

Piarom is the most luxury and expensive date in Iran.

This date is also recognized by the names of the Maryami and chocolate date.

The flesh and skin of this date stick together and facilitate the washing of this date.

Piarom enjoys diverse qualities and rankings.

The number one type of this date is the most suitable date for exporting from Iran to Azerbaijan.

The Piarom packages, provided by our company, are completely suitable for the Azerbaijan market.

The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Azerbaijan

The Mazafati date, also known as the Black date, Kimia date, and Bam date is the product of Iran.

The most desirable kind of Mazafati is black and uniform.

Mazafati can be considered as the most important export date of Iran.

India is the major purchaser of this date.

Azerbaijan is also one of the purchasers of this date.

Mazafati is one of the moist dates needing a refrigerator for preservation. Likewise, containers with refrigerators are used for its transportation.


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