Import  Dates to Bangladesh

Import  Dates to Bangladesh


The Crystal Date Company exports date from Iran to Bangladesh.

You can supply all Iranian dates via our company.

The Imports of the Piarom Date to Bangladesh

Piarom is the most luxury and expensive date in Iran.

This date is also recognized by the names of Maryami and Chocolate in the world.

Piarom is the product of Hajiabad in Hormozghan. Hormozghan province is located in the south of Iran.

This date enjoys diverse qualities and rankings.

The number one type of this date is suitable for exporting from Iran to Bangladesh.

You can supply Piarom with standard and special packages from our company.

The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Bangladesh

The Mazafati date, also known by the names of the black date, Kimia date, and Bam date, is the product of Iran.

This date is the most desirable Iranian date.

India is the main purchaser of this date.

Bangladesh is also one of the purchasers of this date.

For exporting from Iran to Bangladesh, you can supply different packages and weights of this date via our company.

Mazafati has diverse packages. This date is provided according to the needs of customers.

The design of packages is also an important factor in the sale of the product.

All packages of the Crystal Company are suitable for foodstuffs and according to modern standards.

The Imports of the Rabbi Date to Bangladesh

The Rabbi date is also one of the dates produced in Iran.

Rabbi is not as popular as the other Iranian dates in the world.

This date had an acceptable export in the past several years and could gradually contribute to the world markets.

Rabbi is the product of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

This date with standard and special packages is supplied by our company.

The Imports of the Zahedi Date to Bangladesh

Zahedi is one of the most popular Iranian dates. It is also excessively exported in bulk form.

The Zahedi date is a kind of dry date. Besides, it doesn’t need a refrigerator for short-term preservation.

This date had acceptable exports in the past several years. The major export targets of this date are Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

The Imports of Kabkab Date to Bangladesh

Kabkab is also one of the dates produced in Iran and is exported to other places in the world.

This date enjoys a unique and special taste.

Kabkab is available in both sappy and sapless kinds.

The sapless kind is usually used for exports.


The Benefits of Exporting Dates to Bangladesh via the Crystal Company

Possessing ISO certificates, Crystal has qualified, as well as acceptable products.

The Crystal Company has an allocated refrigerating room in Bam. Besides, the major part of export cargos is loaded in Bam.

One of the properties of the Crystal Company is having the health badge, as well as standards for the individual dates.


The Imports of Dates Produced in Iran to Bangladesh

The Crystal Company imports all the dates produced in Iran to Bangladesh.

You can order your date type and take delivery of this date in Dubai or Iran according to conditions, as well as direct negotiations.


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