Import Dates to France

import dates to france crystal dates company

The import of Date to France, It is directly carried out by the Crystal Company.

You can send your request for the Iranian date imports through the email available at the page bottom.

One of the branches of the Crystal Date Company is located in France which can make the basis of exports from Iran and Dubai to France much easier and simpler.

The greatest part of the dates purchased by the European countries is Mazafati and Piarom dates.

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The Imports of the Mazafati Date to France

The Mazafati date is the most favorite and intensively consumed Iranian date in Europe.

This date is available with different qualities and packages.

The date provided by our company is number one and the best Mazafati date of Iran.

Similarly, this date is also available in 550, 650, 700, and 800 grs packages.

This packaging is carried out with concern to customers’ needs and our company is able to provide different kinds of packages.

The Imports of the Piarom Date to France

Piarom, the most expensive date of Iran, is extensively exported to Europe.

France is one target of Piarom.

The Piarom provided by our company is number one and the best kind of Iranian Piarom.

The Piarom packaging is also carried out according to customers’ needs and the terms of the target country.

The Piarom date is also recognized with the name of chocolate and Marian date.

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The Imports of Diverse Iranian Dates to France

Similar to other dates such as Kabkab, Lulu, Khassoui, etc., Iranian dates are also imported to France. Likewise, you can supply all the dates above via our company.

Different Packages with Suitable Weights 

One of the problems of the foreign purchasers of date from Iranian companies is inappropriate packaging. Usually, dates are poorly packaged.

This challenge has been obviated by the Crystal Company through careful attention to packaging, as well as stylish and up to date designs.

The package design has certain significance, as well.

With suitable designs, you can motivate customers for more purchase.

In addition to stylish and beautiful designs, the packages should certainly enjoy the necessary standards.

The material employed in packaging is also of utmost importance. You can guarantee customers’ health by using the suitable packaging of the food industry.

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The Possibility of Transaction with Current Exchanges

The Crystal Company is allowed to transact with the world’s current exchanges such as Emirates’ drachma, American dollar, etc

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