Import Dates to India

import dates to india crystal dates company

Import of Dates to India is done every year in high tonnage.

India is one of the largest date importers in the world.

India imports varieties of dates available in world markets.

Also you can take a look at Import dates from Iran.

Also you can take a look at Import dates from iran .

One of the biggest date producing countries in the world is Iran.

Iran has unique dates for export to different countries.

You can contact Crystal Date Company’s experts for more information.

Import dates from Iran to India

India has been the biggest buyer of Iranian dates in recent years.

The statistics of exporting dates from Iran to India is a good indicator of the interest of Indian people in Iranian dates.

Iranian palm dates have gained a good position in the Indian market.

An important feature of Iranian dates is their uniqueness.

Mazafati dates (Kimia dates), Piarom dates (Maryami dates), Kali dates (Kalute dates) and several other dates are good imported dates in India and are produced in Iran.

The statistics of Crystal Dates Company on exporting dates to India show the company’s ability to supply dates for export to India.

Import dates from Dubai to India

The country of UAE and the city of Dubai is the capital of the world dates.

Many foreign businessmen and companies meet in Dubai to buy a variety of dates as well as to have business meetings to export and import dates to different countries.

Many Iranian date buyers prefer to buy Iranian dates in Dubai because of the specific conditions of trading with Iran.

One of Crystal Dates Company branches is located in Dubai and buyers can easily coordinate and then visit this branch to easily supply their high-tonnage dates needed for export to India.

It is also one of the concerns of traders to deal in the currency of the UAE or the US dollar that our company has been able to solve this issue and can easily trade with a variety of currencies with merchants and buyers.

Import Mazafati Dates to India

Mazafati dates, commonly known as Kimia dates in India, have the highest volume of export among Iranian dates to India.

Mazafati Date is also called as Mazafati Rotab (pre-ripening stage of Dates).

Mazafati Date is very popular among date consumers because of its special and delicious taste.

It is interesting to know that in Iran, Mazafati is the most popular dates and most favorite dates among Iranian people.

Mazafati Dates has different grades and this makes us have a few prices for these dates.

First grade Mazafati has the highest price among other Mazafati varieties and many foreign buyers are also looking to buy these first grade dates.

Crystal Dates Company with a dedicated cold storage in Bam city that produces Mazafati dates can provide high tonnage of Mazafati with the best quality, most stylish packaging and most reasonable price.


Import Piarom Date to India

Iran’s most expensive dates are exported to India every year.

Piarom Dates have other names like Mazafati Dates.

These names are: Maryami Dates and Chocolate Dates.

Piarom export volume is less than Mazafati but these dates as well as Mazafati dates have earned a decent position in India.

Piarom is cultivated in Hormozgan province in Iran.

Piarom dates are one of the most luxurious dates in Iran and in the world.

These dates, like Mazafati, have different grades and first grades are naturally more expensive than the other ones.

Crystal Dates Company, experienced in selling Piarom Dates and also exporting history to India, can supply premium grade varieties in proprietary packaging for import to India.

Import of Shahani dates to India

Shahani dates are one of the most popular dates in India which is also a product of Iran.

These dates are kept in easier packaging for export, depending on the particular type of consumption.

Possibility of repackaging for import

Businesses and companies that are active in date’s field sometimes want to pack their dates with their own brand, in which case Crystal Dates Company can easily supply the dates in their own brand.

Crystal Dates Company can easily package with the brand of customers and buyers.

Also you can take a look at Maryami Dates and Iranian Sayer Dates.

The use of LC transactions

LC, which has helped many international businesses, is a guarantee to the buyer.

Iran may not use LC for various reasons, but our company having branches in the UAE and France can easily deal with LC if customers need it.

Freight forwarding

Crystal Dates Company has the ability to trade in either FOB or CIF, and date buyers can choose one of these methods if needed.

Cooperation with Crystal for import to India

Crystal Dates Company offers different dates in different weight packages to buyers.

This company can take orders according to the date for buyers in the packaging according to customer requirements.

Crystal Dates Company guarantees the health of the buyers with the standards of Iran and Europe.

Crystal Dates Company also holds ISO certificates as well as Halal certificates for export to Islamic countries.

Crystal Dates Company, with its privately owned 4,000 ton cold storage in Bam, can offer buyers the best price to buy dates.

Crystal Dates Company experienced experts can easily clear dates from the customs and assist foreign buyers in this area.

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