Import dates to Iraq

Import dates to Iraq

The export of date to Iraq is carried out by the Crystal Date Company .

You can supply all the dates produced in Iran with the most suitable price.



The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Iraq

The Mazafati date is one of the most delicious and desirable dates in Iran.

This date is available for export in different packages and with varying weights.

Enjoying international standard certificates and possessing a refrigerating room in Bam city in which Mazafati is produced, Crystal supplies the best Mazafati with a suitable price for export.


The Imports of the Zahedi Date to Iraq

Zahedi is one of the dates produced in Iran and categorized in the group of the dry date.

There are diverse rankings of Zahedi. It is available either in a bulk form or stylish packages.

You can supply from our company the Zahedi date with the most suitable price and supreme quality.

The Imports of the Rabbi Date to Iraq

Rabbi is one of the exclusive dates of Iran and has a tall appearance.

This date is the product of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Recently, it could minimally contribute to the export of Iranian dates to other countries.

The number one Rabbi has a black color and a glittering appearance.

The flesh and skin of this date are stuck together.

You can supply Rabbi with suitable packages from our company.

The Imports of the Sayer Date to Iraq

The Sayer date, also known as the Estameran date, is produced in Iran. It is reckoned as an industrial date in the world.

This date is mostly exported to other countries in a bulk form.

The ranking of this date is carried out by America.

You can supply the Sayer date with high quality and the most suitable price from our company.

The Imports of the Shahani Date to Iraq

The Shahani date is also one of the exclusive dates produced in Iran.

This date has a tall appearance and a light color.

This date is also exported to other countries in wholesale, bulk forms, and simple packages.

The best kind of Shahani is produced in Fars province and Jahrom town.

The Imports of Piarom to Iraq

You can supply the Piarom date, also known as the Marian date in the world’s markets, with high quality and suitable price from our company.

This date is the most expensive and luxurious date in Iran.

Piarom is less produced compared to other Iranian dates. It is also less consumed in Iran and mostly exported.

The Possibility of Date Imports from Dubai to Iraq

Possessing branches in Emirates, the Crystal Company can easily import dates from Dubai to Iraq.

Crystal can provide this possibility in case the purchasers tend to purchase from Dubai.


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