Import Dates to Kazakhstan

import dates to kazhakestan crystal dates company

The imports of date to Kazakhstan are carried out by the Crystal Company.

Having many years of experience in exports from Iran to Kazakhstan, the Crystal Date Company can provide different kinds of dates for importing to Kazakhstan.

What dates can the Crystal Company provide for importing to Kazakhstan?

Possessing an allocated refrigerating room besides experiences in selling different kinds of dates produced in Iran, Crystal can provide the requested dates according to the customers’ needs.

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The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Kazakhstan

The Mazafati date produced in the Bam city of Iran is one of the most favorite dates in the world.

Usually, this date has the highest rate of exports among Iranian dates per year.

Having a certain taste, the Mazafati date could attract the attention of worldwide markets such as Kazakhstan.

The significant point on which other countries focus when purchasing the Mazafati date is the difference in the quality of the Mazafati date.

There are diverse Mazafati dates in Iran and the most desirable one is Bam’s Mazafati.

Our company provides Bam’s Mazafati for foreign customers. Also, among different kinds of Mazafati dates, the best and number ones are provided for imports to different countries.

The packaging of the Mazafati date plays an integral role in its sale.

The crystal Company can provide different packages with 550, 650, 750, etc. weights for purchasers.

The difference in weight is due to the difference in quality and the terms of the target country.

The Imports of the Piarom date to Kazakhstan

The Piarom Date, also recognized by the name of the Marian date in the world, is one of the most luxury dates of Iran.

This date is the most expensive one in Iran.

Usually, European markets are more prone to purchase the Piarom date from Iran.

Due to the certain structure in which the skin and flesh are clung, the Piarm date is also known as the chocolate date.

Piarom is the product of Hajiabad city in Hormozghan province, as well as the south of Iran.

Piarom has also different qualities in Hajiabad and foreign purchasers often face problems in choosing Piarom.

Our company presents the best and most desirable Piarom date for sale.

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Likewise, the Piarom packages are thoroughly stylish, up to date, and in accord with the tastes of the European markets.

The Imports of Different Kinds of Dates to Kazakhstan

Besides the two dates mentioned above, other dates are also imported to Kazakhstan in various tonnages.

Of the dates produced in Iran, we can name the Kabkab date, Shahani date, Rabi date, Lolo date, Sayer date, etc.

You can supply all these dates with suitable prices from the Crystal Company.

The Available Standards for Dates

Different companies active in the field of selling dates should possess the requisite standards and certificates.

One of these standards in Iran is a standard for different dates.

For example, if a company is active in the field of selling the Mazafati date, it should possess the standard of this date.

The Crystal Company has the standards of all dates produced in Iran.

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Of the other valid certificates, we can refer to the Halal Certificate, different ISOs, GMP Certificate, and….. Crystal precisely owns all these certificates.

The Possibility of Date Provision and Packaging in Large Tonnages

Foreign purchasers usually order in large tonnages in case of an initial confirmation.

One of the challenges the date selling companies face is this issue.

Crystal obviates this trouble by possessing a refrigerating room.

The equipped refrigerating room of Crystal with 4000-ton capacity in Bam city can provide diverse dates in large tonnages according to customers’ needs.

The packaging is the first case customers face in their purchases. Next, they pursue quality.

The packages of the dates produced in our company are standard, stylish, and appropriate to modern designs.

The Possibility of Transaction with Customers in Europe and Emirates

One of the problems of foreign purchasers is traveling to Iran and transacting with this country.

European companies are usually inclined to carry out their transactions in European or Arabic countries.

Large and famous companies also have branches in different countries.

Having branches in France and Emirates, Crystal could obviate this challenge for foreign customers.

The Transfer of Money with Current Exchanges

Individuals and companies active in the field of trading usually carry out their payments through current exchanges such as Emirates’ drachmas, American dollar, and ….

During the past few years, Iran has had problems in the transference of money owing to varying reasons. This matter has troubled foreign companies and merchants in making relationships with Iranian companies.

This matter has also been obviated by the foreign branches of our company and merchants can cooperate with us through their desired exchanges.

The Order and Purchase of Dates from Crystal

You can use the email at the page bottom to order and purchase dates.