Import Dates to Pakistan

import dates to pakistan crystal dates company

The imports of the date to Pakistan in large tonnages are carried out by the Crystal Company.

Exporting diverse dates to Pakistan, Crystal is one of the greatest companies exporting dates from Iran to Pakistan.

If you want to import the date from Iran to Pakistan, you can order your required date through our company.

The Imports of the Zahedi Date to Pakistan

The Zahedi date produced in Iran is extensively exported to Pakistan per year.

Zahedi enjoys various qualities, as well as different prices.

Our company provides the best kind of Zahedi for exports. Meanwhile, it can deliver it with suitable packages according to the customers’ needs.

Likewise, our company provides the Zahedi date for customers in the bulk form.

One benefit of the Zahedi date to be exported is that this date does not need to be kept in the refrigerator and can be kept in the ambient temperature, as well.

The Imports of the Rabbi Date to Pakistan

The Rabbi date produced in Sistan and Baluchestan is mostly exported to Pakistan in the bulk form.

You can supply this date with suitable packages and high qualities from our company.

The Rabbi date has varying qualities and foreign purchasers are inclined to buy the number one Rabbi.

All Rabbis Produced by our company is number one and is reserved to be exported to other countries.

The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Pakistan

The Mazafati date (or the Kimia date) is one the most delicious Iranian dates.

We can recognize this date as the most desirable Iranian date in the world.

Annually, Mazafati has more exports than other dates.

The Mazafati date has diverse varieties which are the most important problem of foreign purchasers.

The best kind of Mazafati to be purchased is Bam’s number one Mazafti.

Besides Bam city, the Mazafati date exists in Sistan and Baluchestan province, as well.

The Mazafati of Sistan and Baluchestan is also in accord with the tastes of several foreign customers and merchants might choose this date to import to their countries.

The Imports of the Kabkab date to Pakistan

Kabkab is one of the dates produced in Iran and has a high quality.

Owing to its special packages, this date has certain customers.

This date is available either in dry or juicy forms.

You can supply Kabkab with high quality from our company.

The Imports of the Dates Produced in Iran to Pakistan

You can also supply the rest of the dates produced in Iran such as Alooyi, Khasooyi, etc. from our company.

These dates enjoy high quality; however, they are less exported to other countries due to being nameless in the world.

We should note this point that these dates have also certain customers, as well as different exporting targets.

The Possibility of Transaction and Money Transference through LC

One common way for international trading is transacting with LC.

A challenge of foreign companies while transacting with Iran is the lack of LC.

The Crystal Company allows foreign customers to easily transact through LC.

The Suitable Packages Required by Customers

One of the problems of purchasers at purchase time is the lack of suitable and standard date packaging.

Purchasers are usually inclined to preserve their date in varying weights and packages which are impossible for many companies.

Having diverse packages besides different and stylish designs, our company could obviate the serious problems in the packaging issue.

You might also be interested to know that the packages should be of a standard type suitable for foodstuffs.

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