Import Dates to Poland

Import Dates to Poland

Crystal Company directly exports dates to Poland.

The types of dates that are mainly purchased by European countries are Mazafati and Piarom dates.


Import Mazafati Dates to Poland

Mazafati Rotab has a fine sale in Poland and is considered tasteful in European countries.

It is also available in packages of 500, 650, 700, 800 grams.

Import Piarom Dates to Poland

Piarom, which is the most expensive type of date in Iran, has a high rate of exportation to Europe.

Piarom dates prepared by our company are a superb and top-notch type of Iranian dates.

You can purchase Piarom dates at Crystal’s branch in Dubai and then export it from Dubai to Poland.

The Imports of the Dates Produced in Iran to Poland

The Crystal Company imports all dates produced in Iran to Poland.

Crystal can supply your required cargo at minimum time, and with high quality and suitable price.

Likewise, our company has branches in Emirates and France. If customers apply, we can carry out our transactions in these countries.


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Our Products

Mazafati datesPiarom dates Rabbi dates
Kabkab datesSayer datesShahani dates
Zahedi datesIran KiwiIran Raisin


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