Import Dates to Russia

import dates to russia crystal dates company

Import Dates to Russia in recent years has been accompanied by substantial growth.

Due to the good political relations between the two countries, the grounds for joint trade and imports have also been provided.

Russia, since it is not able to grow dates, imports this food from other date-producing countries.

One of the largest producers of unique dates is Iran.

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Import Dates from Iran to Russia

Iran has become a leading supplier of dates in the world by producing quality dates. The importance of Iran’s presence in the world dates market has increased.

Russia has also become one of the major buyers of Iranian dates in terms of quality and price of Iranian dates, as Iranian production dates have attracted the attention of the Russian people.

Iranian companies, such as Crystal, which imports dates into Russia, are well acquainted with the Russian market as well as the sales of dates in the country, which has greatly helped the Iranian date industry.

Import dates from Dubai to Russia

Dubai is the capital of the world dates, and many of the dates traders provide are from Dubai.

Iranian dates in Dubai and the UAE, many buyers and many different companies sent representatives to Dubai to negotiate.

With a branch office in Dubai, Crystal can easily negotiate with various companies.

Many foreign buyers have problems transferring money as well as the currency needed to deal with Iranian companies.

Crystal Corporation can easily trade in currencies available in different countries, for example, if buyers in Dubai want to pay a fee, they can easily partner with Crystal Corporation.

Many companies are also willing to trade with the dollar, which is also possible and can easily pay for dates with the dollar.

Import Mazafati Dates to Russia

Mazafati dates can be considered as the most important dates in the world markets.

Made in Bam city, Mafazati has been able to turn many different countries into regular customers with its unique and pleasant taste.

Special packages are also available in different weights and designs for export to Russia, and customers can order the package according to their needs.

The variety of packaging helps shoppers to easily choose the type of packaging they need.

The packaging is also tailor-made for Russia in accordance with the unique designs and tastes of the people of this country, making it easy to sell this product.

Possibility of trading through LC

With a branch office in the UAE and France, Crystal is also able to deal with customers through LC.

This is one of the problems of foreign companies and businessmen in dealing with Iranian companies that Crystal has been able to solve.

Possibility of trading in common currencies

Another issue that is causing problems in business relationships is the issue of currency exchange.

The official currency of Iran is the Riyal, but foreign buyers tend to trade in the US dollar or in common in Arab countries.

The reason for using hash is to make deals in the UAE because the UAE is the capital of the world dates and many dates and companies in this country meet and trade.

Crystal also resolves this problem and it is possible to trade in currencies.

All products for export as well as crystal, can be accessed via FOB and CIF delivered to customers.

There are various communication ports in Iran which are agreed upon by the parties.

Ability to provide the required dates in different packages

Crystal Company offers various packaging for dates.

For example, Mazafati dates, the most popular Iranian dates are made by Crystal Company in different weight packages for import to different countries.

All Iranian date palms are also offered in attractive packaging and modern designs for sale abroad.

The important thing about packing dates is to pay attention to the raw materials of the pack and to choose the right materials.

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At Crystal Packaging, there has also been a great deal of interest in the choice of raw material for packaging that is suitable for food packaging since dates are directly related to packaging.

Possibility of Re-Packaging for export

Companies working for dates as well as food merchants in Russia may wish to export dates to Russia with their own brand, in which case Crystal offers re-packaging capabilities to customers.

This requires experience in exporting as well as packaging, which Crystal’s experts thoroughly research and provide to customers

Why choose Crystal Corporation?

Foreign buyers and companies expect a very reasonable price as well as high quality in buying dates.

Crystal maintains a well-stocked cold storage facility with a 4,000 ton private refrigerator in Bam, which supplies Mazafati dates after harvest.

All stages of cleaning the dates and preparing the dates for storage in the refrigerator are in accordance with the principles and standards of the world.

Crystal having date standards in Iran, Halal certification, ISO certificates and so on, guarantees to our customers that all dates have the required standards.

Also our company can supply various dates in custom packaging and custom tonnage according to customer requirements.

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