Import Dates to Uzbekistan

Import Dates to Uzbekistan


The imports of date from Iran to Uzbekistan are carried out by the Crystal Date Company.

Crystal is one of the greatest providers of Iranian dates in the world.


The Imports of the Mazafati Date to Uzbekistan

The most desirable Iranian date has suitable exports to Uzbekistan.

The Mazafati date produced in Kerman province and Bam city is the most important date of Iran.

This date is compatible with the majority of tastes.

Mazafati enjoys diverse qualities for exports.

Foreign purchasers usually prefer to choose the largest and darkest Mazafati for their purchase.

The color of the number one Mazafati is black.

The Mazafati date requires suitable refrigerators for preservation.

Usually, this date can be preserved in suitable temperatures, between -5 and +5, up to 18 months.

The Imports of the Piarom Date to Uzbekistan

The Piarom date whose skin and flesh are stuck to each other is the most luxury date of Iran.

This date is the most expensive one in Iran. Moreover, its consumption is very low in Iran and it is more often exported to foreign countries.

Possessing many properties, being scarce in Iran, etc. are the reasons for the expensiveness of this date.

Usually, European countries and the Piarom purchasers recognize this date with the Marian name, too.

You might be interested to know that this date grows merely in Iran.

Furthermore, it grows just in the Hormozghan province and the Hajiabad city of Iran.

To import this date to Uzbekistan in desired tonnages, you can order it from our company.

The Imports of the Kaluteh (Kali) Date to Uzbekistan

The Kaluteh (Kali) date, very similar to the Mazafati date, is one of the dates produced in Iran.

The most desirable kind of this date grows in Jiroft city.

Usually, Kaluteh (Kali) is slightly drier than Mazafati.

This date is also produced in Iran and exported to European and Asian countries.

The Crystal Company produces this date for exports, as well.

The Imports of the Rabbi Date to Uzbekistan

Rabbi is one of the unknown Iranian dates in the world.

This date is not as popular as the Mazafati and Piarom dates.

You might be interested to know that this date is one of the most expensive dates of Iran.

Rabbi is the product of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

This date is not very known in Iran, as well.

In addition to being exported, this date is mostly consumed by the local people of the region it grows.

The price of this date is almost close to the price of the Mazafati date.

You can also take a look at Iranian dates supplier .

The Imports of the Sayer Date to Uzbekistan

The Sayer or Estamaran date is one of the dates mostly used in the industry.

This date grows in the Khuzestan province of Iran.

Sayer enjoys diverse rankings which are observed by all countries.

Sayer is usually sent with bulk or carton packages to other countries.

Our company possesses suitable and standard packages for the Sayer date.

The Imports of the Dates Produced in Iran to Uzbekistan

You can provide the high-quality dates produced in Iran such as Kabkab, Shahani, etc. from the Crystal Company.

You can order all these dates with desired tonnages and take delivery with standard and suitable packaging.

The Possibility of Transaction in France and Emirates

Having branches in France and Emirates, our company can easily transact with other purchasers or commercial companies in these countries.

Similarly, our company is allowed to import dates from Dubai to Uzbekistan.

Receiving Current Exchanges When Transacting with the Crystal Company

One of the facilities considered by the Crystal Company for the foreign purchasers of date is the possibility of transacting with the current exchanges of different countries.

This issue is one of the challenges foreign companies face when transacting with Iranian companies.

Order and the Manner of Delivery to Customers

You can contact us through the email at the page bottom.

You can also provide the required date for imports to Uzbekistan via our company.

Possessing a refrigerating room in Bam city, our company can provide the exported date, in large tonnages, with suitable prices and high qualities.

Likewise, the packages have been designed according to customers’ needs, as well as the standard principles.

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