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The pistachio is originally cultivated in the Middle East, Iran, where it has dry lands and a desert climate to grow, pistachio has been cultivated in this area for about 3,000 years and has spread to other countries, including the United States.

Iran is the largest producer of pistachios with exclusive flavors in the world, and about 90% of these products are exported to other countries.

Pistachios can be consumed fresh or dried. The moisture content of fresh pistachios is about 20%, which should be less than 5% after drying.

The fruit of this tree is also divided into two groups in terms of shape and appearance, which have different types itself, some of which have a high commercial and export aspect.

The most important commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachios are:

Akbari (Super long pistachio)

Ahmad Aghaei (Long pistachio)

Kale-Quchi (Jumbo pistachio)

Fandoqi (Round pistachio)

Usually, exported pistachios are 67% smily, 5% closed shell, 5% small size, finely chopped and the rest closed-mouthed.


Pistachio is a heart-healthy food and rich in antiaxidants .

Eating a few pistachio a day causes lowers blood cholesterol.

The amount of potassium in pistachios is very high and also has essential vitamins such as C, B6 and A.


Pistachio – 100 gr

Energy: 562 Cal

Carbohydrates: 27 g

Fiber: 10 g

Sugar: 6 gr

Protein: 1 gr

Other nutrition: 11 gr


Pistachio in term of shape is divided into two groups, round and long, which include the following types:

Akbari (Super long pistachio)

Akbari pistachio with long appearance is sold as the most expensive and special type of pistachio in world markets.

This pistachio is naturally available smiling, machine smiling, closed shell,kernel, raw or salted.

Its standard sizes are22-24, 24 – 26, 26 – 28 and 28 – 30.

The unit of measurement for pistachios is the number in one ounce (28.3495 gr).

The shell color of this type of pistachio is dark cream.

akbari 1

Ahmad Aghaei (Long pistachio)

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is classified as long pistachio, too. Its shell color is light cream. It is available in smiling, machine smiling, closed shell , kernels, raw or salted.

Its standard sizes are 28-30, 26-28, 24-26, and 22-24.

The unit of measurement for pistachio is the number in one ounce unit (28.3945 gr)

ahmad aghaei 1
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Kale-Quchi (Jumbo Pistachio)

Kale-Quchi pistachio is called Jumbo because of its large size. It is a kind of round pistachios.

It is naturally available smiling, machine smiling, closed shell, kernel, raw or salted.

Its standard sizes are 24-26 / 22-24 / and 20-22.

The unit of measurement of the pistachios is the number in one ounce (28.3495 gr).

kale ghuchi 1
kale ghuchi 2

Fandoqi (Round pistachio)

Fandoqi pistachio is round. Its price is lower than other pistachios due to the shape and large volume of production.

Its shell color is natural cream and it has the greenest kernel.

Its standard sizes are 30-32 / 28-30 / 26-28 / 24-26.

The unit of measurement is the number in one ounce unit (28.3495 gr).

fandoghi 1
fandoghi 2

Pistachio kernels can be exported in various forms.

  1. Silvered
  2. Diced
  3. Powder

The best pistachio kernels are prepared from Akbari type and the greatest one of fandoghi type .

Harvesting time and place

pistachio is harvested in early September, which must be done on time. In case of delayed harvest, there is a possibility of aflatoxin.

Kerman province is the main region of pistachio production in Iran. Pistachio is also produced in some parts of Qazvin province.

Storage condition

Bulk pistachio is stored for a long time at a temperature of less than 10˚C with a humidity of 65 – 70% or a temperature of more than 10˚C and a humidity of less than 32%.

However, it can be stored up to +35˚C for two years using gases.


The export packaging of pistachios is in sacks of 25 kg or 50 kg. It can also be done in 10 kg cartons.

Also, according to the customer’s request, there is a possibility of packaging with a special design and type.

Shipping and delivery

Crystal Company, with its professional background in the field of dried fruit export, can take all necessary measures for export, transportation and shipping of the product worldwide.

For this company, it is possible to prepare a shipping contract in the form of FOB or CFR form, depending on the customer’s needs.


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