Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Do you know Iraqi Zahedi dates?

One of the highest quality dates in the world is Iraqi Zahedi dates, which is one of the most well-known and popular dates among dried dates due to its unique taste and quality. Iraqi Zahedi dates are of high quality and late-ripening, and due to their high shelf life, they have easy storage and transportation conditions, and therefore have high exports. Annually, high tonnage of this quality date, such as Mazafati date, is exported to many countries, including Asian and European countries. 


Iraqi Zahedi Dates Features and Properties

Iraqi Zahedi dates are oval and elongated and have a sweet and delicious taste. These dates are fleshy and have a high shelf life. The color of these dates is golden yellow to light brown. If we want to talk about the nutritional value and properties of Iraqi Zahedi dates, they contain large amounts of calories, sugar, fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. These dates are very useful for treating many diseases such as: seasonal allergies, eye diseases, anemia, migraines and headaches, hyperlipidemia, constipation, diarrhea, and infertility in men.  

Iraqi Zahedi dates price

You can find out the latest and updated prices of Iraqi Zahedi dates through Crystal Dates Company. Due to the great variety and grading of dates, Iranian dates price and Iraqi Zahedi dates price will be always updated. The price of Iraqi Zahedi dates is very important for importers of Iraqi Zahedi dates in other countries and these importers and customers are always looking to buy this product from companies producing Iraqi Zahedi dates at a reasonable and competitive price. Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale price is also determined based on the quality and grade of this product. The wholesale price of Iraqi Zahedi dates may vary depending on the packaging. 

Iraqi Zahedi dates price

Iraqi Zahedi dates have a lot of fans, and for this reason, its export has attracted the attention of many companies exporting Iraqi Zahedi dates. For information on the price of Iraqi Zahedi dates in different types for export, as well as information on the price of different types of dates in Iran, including Iranian Zahedi dates, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company, the wholesaler of Iraqi Zahedi dates, to inquire about the price and find the best price in the market. 

Buy high quality Iraqi Zahedi dates

Iraqi Zahedi dates are one of the dates on the market that have many fans around the world. Iraqi Zahedi dates along with various dates such as Kabkab dates, Shahani dates, etc. are among the known dates. They are somewhat known due to their high supply and export to foreign markets, and date importers in many countries are familiar with and want to buy Iraqi Zahedi dates because of their high quality and taste. You can buy Iraqi Zahedi dates with the highest quality and the lowest competitive price from Crystal Dates Company. If you want to buy Iraqi Zahedi dates, all you have to do is visit Crystal Dates Company website, which offers Iraqi Zahedi Dates wholesale, and order your desired dates by contacting our sales experts.

Buy Iraqi Zahedi dates

The most reputable exporter and supplier of Iraqi Zahedi dates

Iran is one of the largest exporters of Iraqi Zahedi dates. The export of this date has a significant increase as it has a high shelf life and does not need any refrigerated containers, and high quantities of it are exported to many countries around the world every year. As Iraqi Zahedi dates are supplied with standard and beautiful packaging and high quality by Iranian exporters, this product has been able to achieve a special position in international markets. Crystal Dates Company is a supplier of Iraqi Zahedi and Iranian Zahedi dates and is also one of the largest exporters of Iraqi Zahedi dates, and exports these dates to European countries. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates, you can refer to this company that exports Iraqi Zahedi dates and prepare the highest quality Iranian Iraqi Zahedi dates. In addition, the company exports a variety of dates, including Medjool dates, Kalute dates and other types of dates.


Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier

Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale

The best and highest quality samples of Iraqi Zahedi dates can be found in the wholesale centers of Iraqi Zahedi dates. Experts and experienced staff in this company can help you choose the product you want. Iraqi Zahedi wholesale companies are one of the best centers for preparing this product because in addition to ensuring its high quality, it can be provided at a very reasonable price. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates in bulk, you can contact the consultants and experts of this center to provide you with the necessary information about this product. Crystal Dates Company, which is one of Iraqi Zahedi Dates exporters, offers wholesale sales of Iranian dates and date paste, etc.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Packaging

Crystal Dates Company, the most reputable manufacturers of Iraqi Zahedi dates, uses the most modern washing, sorting, packaging, shearing machines and the latest dates storage methods, and exports high quality Iraqi Zahedi dates in stylish and beautiful packaging to many countries. The aim of this company is to supply Iraqi Zahedi dates and all kinds of dates and their products to customers and importers of dates around the world. This company, which manufactures Iraqi Zahedi dates, has become an outstanding company in manufacturing and exporting Iraqi Zahedi dates using specialized and experienced people, as well as using modern packaging and sales techniques of various dates, including Lulu dates. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates or order other products of this company that manufactures Iranian dates, including pitted dates, etc., you can refer to the company’s website.



Iraqi Zahedi dates are dried or semi-dried dates and have a yellow to light brown color.

Yes Iraqi Zahedi dates are supplied in bulk in 10 kg to 30 kg bags.

Crystal Dates Company exports Iraqi Zahedi dates to all countries around the world.

The harvest time of Iraqi Zahedi dates is late summer or early autumn.

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