Is Ukraine buying Iran’s Date?

Is Ukraine buying Iran's Date

Ukraine is one of the Eastern European countries, whose capital is the city of Kayf and the official language of that Ukrainian language.
Now you will come to Crystal with your company to find out more about Ukraine and its place as the date buyer.

Ukraine’s neighbors

It is east of Russia; in the north it is in Belarus; from the west it is in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary; from southwest it borders Romania and Moldova, and in the south it is the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, with its blue border.

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geographical position

Ukraine, according to the 603 area. 550 sq. Km and 2 782 km of coastline, forty-fourth largest country in the world after Russia is the second country in Europe is vast.

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Ukraine’s population

The country’s population is 46, 179, 226 people. Since most industrial areas are located in East and Southeast Ukraine, population density in these areas is also 67. 2% of the Ukrainian population live in urban areas.

Ukraine’s economy

In Soviet times, the Ukrainian economy was the second largest economy in the Soviet Union and was considered an important industrial and agricultural sectors. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the system of the economy with its country’s program turned into a market economy that was hard and difficult for the majority of the poor to survive. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian economy was undergoing tremendous changes and, on the other hand, was severely restricted. This made it difficult for a typical resident of Ukraine to live daily.You can also take look at Piarom Dates .
Also, a significant number of villagers fed and ate their own food from the products they made, lived and lived, some also had two or more jobs, and they provided their basic necessities through the exchange of goods.
It can be said that Ukraine has been able to rank well in the list of date-buyer countries due to the weaker tariffs that it has in comparison with its countries. Thus, in this economic technique, Ukraine was able to rank 13th in the same country as Iran in the year 2009.


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