ISO Standards in Date Packing

ISO Standards in Date Packing

The organization, initially called ISA International Standard Association, was founded in 1926 with the participation of 20 countries and later closed in 1942.

International Organization for Standardization ISO on 24 February 1947 with a membership of 25 countries will continue to work with the membership goals:

Integrate standardization across the world

  • Creating facilities in international trade
  • Producer and consumer protection
  • Development of technological economic cooperation

It is noteworthy that its headquarters are in Geneva.

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Following the gradual accession of other countries to the ISO, the organization now has 132 members including:

  • 90 main members
  • 34 members of the congregation
  • 8 members

Therefore, the Institute for Standardization and Industrial Research of Iran has been one of its main members, so it participated in the technical committees of ISO in the formulation of international standards.

ISO standards

It can be said other than ISO 9000 standards by the International Organization for Standardization developed useful and other celebrities, the most important ones are:

  • ISO 14000: Environmental Quality Standard
  • ISO 16949 Standard: Quality Standard for Automotive Industries
  • ISO 17799: Information Security Management Standard
  • Standard OHSAS 18000: Occupational Safety and Health Management Standard

Types of ISO standards

Now some of these standards are listed below:

  • IMS Integrated Management System
  • OHSAS 1001: 2007 Standard for Occupational Safety and Health Management

ISO 9001: 2008 Standard Quality Management System

  • ISO14001: 2004 Standard Environmental Management System
  • ISO 10002: 2004 Standard Customer Satisfaction System
  • ISO 22000: 2005 Standard Food Safety and Health Management System
  • HACCP is the American Standard of Health Food
  • Halal Food Compliance with Islamic Law Requirements
  • GMP good performance in production
  • GDP has a good performance in distribution and distribution
  • Global GAP Standard Gardening and Agricultural Products
  • SA 8000 Manage the rights of employees and produce goods according to social and ethical issues
  • COC – Certificate of Conformity Certificate of Compliance with International Standards.

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