Kabkab Dates Distributor

Kabkab Dates Distributor


This date is grown in Fars, Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces in southern Iran.

Kabkab date is available both dry and juicy.

Distributor of Kabkab Dates in Iran

This date is widely consumed in Iran.

The juicy type of this date is consumed in the country, but the dry type is for export.

Storage of these dates requires an equipped refrigerator as well as a suitable temperature.

Crystal Dates Company is one of the main distributors of Kabkab dates in Iran.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Dubai

Due to the importance of Kabkab Dates in the date market, Dubai is one of the best places to buy and sell these dates.

Due to the proximity of Iran and Dubai, it is easy to move Kabkab dates to this country.

There are many distributors for this date in Dubai and Crystal Dates Company is one of the major distributors of this date.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in India

The largest buyer of Iranian-produced dates also pays special attention to Kabkab dates.

These dates are exported to India with special conditions.

Kabkab, which sells well in the Indian market, has become one of the Indians’ favorite dates.

Shipping conditions as well as packaging of these dates are determined according to the target market.

Also, all the standards of this date for distribution in India have been prepared by Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company, with full knowledge of the Indian market and also the sale of Kabkab dates, distributes these dates in high tonnage in India.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in the UAE

The UAE is one of the most important export destinations for Iran.

In previous years, Kabkab Dates were exported to the UAE in different packages and were supplied in this country with new packaging.

Due to the export and import laws of different countries, as well as companies exporting dates, it is possible to repack.

The distributor of Kabkab dates in the UAE must use a cold store and a suitable place to store these dates.

Distributor of Kabkab Dates in Europe

This date has less exports to Europe than other dates, but certain companies in different countries still want to buy this date.

The best quality of this date can be obtained from Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal has a branch in France and distributes Kabkab dates.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India for selling dates.

The proximity of the sea route from Iran to India greatly contributes to the distribution of Kabkab dates in Mumbai.

Very good trade relations between the two countries have caused many buyers from Mumbai to travel to Iran.

With 12 date standards, Crystal Dates Company guarantees quality to customers for the distribution of Kabkab Dates.

Distribution of Kabkab dates in Mumbai is also one of the fields of work of Crystal Dates Company.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is also one of the countries buying Iranian dates.

The food taste of the people of this country is very similar to the people of India.

Due to the popularity of Iranian dates in India, dates are also one of the most popular foods in Bangladesh.

Kabkab Dates with its special taste is one of the dates that is imported to Bangladesh annually.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Russia

Russia, which has good trade relations with Iran, is one of the countries that buys Kabkab dates.

All Kabkab Dates exported to Russia are first class.

Crystal Dates Company is the main distributor of Kabkab in Russia.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Indonesia

Indonesia, as a Muslim country, has a special place for dates.

Iranian Kabkab Dates, which are distributed in Indonesia, are of high quality.

Exports to Indonesia, like Kabkab Dates in countries, have special rules.

Crystal Dates Company, can provide this date for buyers by having the privilege of distributing dates in Indonesia.

Distributor of Kabkab dates in Malaysia

Iranian-produced dates are also popular in Asian countries, including Malaysia.

Reasonable price, high quality, etc. have made Kabkab one of Iran’s export and economic dates.

Why work with Crystal Dates Company as a Kabkab Dates distributor?

Dedicated cold storage, special packaging, supplying the customer’s desired tonnage, first-class dates, delivery in the shortest possible time, complete familiarity with export laws, etc. are the benefits of cooperating with our company.

Kabkab Date is one of the dates produced by Crystal Dates Company and exported by this company.

Every year during the harvest season, these dates are harvested from groves and transported to dedicated crystal cold stores.

It is kept in the cold storage with hygienic principles to reach the buyer.

Buyers can buy these dates using common currencies.


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