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Kabkab Dates Price : Like other Iranian dates, Kabkab dates are one of the most delicious and popular dates in the world.

Kabkab dates are available in Iran, in both type with and without syrup.

These dates have a unique and quite sweet and interesting taste that can make the consumer feel good.

These dates have a lot of energy for daily use.

Price of dates in 2020

With the growth of several percent inflation contained and the price raised and the general economic situation today, in fact we see the price increasement in compare with last year .

Therefore, marketers and buyers of dates, as well as exporters, were not surprised by this increasing because they had sufficient information on the date of production, cultivation and processing conditions and provision of it to the market, as well as they were completely aware.

So the end of this year and the entry into 2020, they are still more likely to rise the price of dates, and are confident that the approved date for the price of dates will be based on the cost of the date-line production and packaging equipment.

As a result, there is no doubt that we will see a further increase in the price of produced dates in 2020.

Prices of Kabkab dates in Iran

Kabkab dates is popular with Iranians as well as around the world.

Therefore, exporters are constantly looking for the best quality Kabkab dates and searching for prices.

About the price of Kabkab dates in Iran It can be said that this type of dates may have different prices depending on their location and storage conditions.

It can be said that the main birthplace kabkab dates is  in Behbahan in Khuzestan province in southern Iran.

It is also cultivated in the cities of Behbahan, Bushehr, Khasht, Dashtestan, Khormoj and Kazeroon.

In Iran, it can grow in different regions and on the other hand, weather conditions in Iran are suitable for these dates.

How to find the best price for dates?

While many marketers and traders and people involved in buying and selling dates do not have enough knowledge of some of the prices of the dates, they still have the question of where to find the best and most appropriate dates.

Can it be found?

To answer this important question, it is enough to compare the prices of dates available on the market with those of various sites as well as the different companies of buying and selling dates and exports, in order to find the most appropriate and valid one.

Found it and used it for buying and selling.

All date specialists should know that they must look for the most reputable date buying sites or reputable date export and sales companies to buy the best quality first hand dates at the best possible price.

difference between the prices of  Kabkab dates

As mentioned above, it is said that the main birthplace of kabkab dates is in Behbahan (in Khuzestan province in southern Iran).

This original birthplace means that the growth of this type of palm in this place is highly adapted, is the fertile soil required for high-quality palm growing as well as its storage conditions until harvest, as well as the appropriate weather conditions.

It is true that Kabkab dates of Bushehr are also grown and harvested in good condition, but also the best environment place for this date is behbahan.

This degree of difference in quality as well as factors such as storage conditions, date of processing, type of packing, market price, taking into account the distances available, also cause price differences between these types in the two mentioned locations .

Therefore, the actual buyers of dates, in addition to emphasizing on the high quality of the dates, pay a great deal of attention to the major factor.

Price difference between bulk dates and packaging dates

Some buyers and exporters of date palms may find that the difference between bulk dates and packing dates is not very accurate and they do not know which type of purchase is most advantageous.

Therefore, it is important to choose bulk dates when purchasing if they ask for high dates in tonnage amounts, since then costs are not calculated based on the costs of packing dates and Only prices of the same quality can be purchased for the same bulk.

Price difference in custom tonnage

You can read about Import Dates from Iran .

Therefore, for those who do not know it can be said that dates in orders of tonnage above 100 tonnes and much higher than those of tonnages and lower tonnages can make up for the price difference that this decrease in relative cost Very high tonnage can help a lot in buying it.

Benefits of supplying dates from Crystal Date Exports Co

This reputable company has been working for many years in the sales of dates, as well as the successful export of dates, so many common customers with high tonnage orders of varying sizes, have complete satisfaction and confidence in quality.

Therefore, it is recommended that you can easily apply through this reputable and reliable company to buy your requested dates in different quantities.

No doubt after your first sale of Crystal Dates, you will reapply for some very special and classy dates.


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