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Lulu Dates price : Lulu Date a special shape and appearance known as special dates which are plum in shape and size, dark brown or sometimes red.

This is special dates that has similar taste to piarom but it is much cheaper than piarom.

Also dates are classified as dry dates.

These dates have a sweet and unique taste.

These dates are known as anti-cancer because of their high levels of antioxidants.

Price of dates in 2020

At present prices have risen compared to last year, based on available evidence and research into the latest approved date of production dates.

This increase has effected on the preparation, cultivation and harvesting activities of the date as well as its supply and export.

In addition to this factors, as well as rising inflation and rising economic conditions, this has led to a rise in the price of dates this year.

Prices of Lulu dates in Iran

According to reports that the prices of Lulu Dates in different regions have been announced, it has been determined that this cost is based on the location of lulu dates and the production process in different locations.

Since these dates are one of the most important and high quality dates in Behbahan (Khuzestan province in southern Iran), they are also cultivated in Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan (southern Iran provinces) as an important crop.

It should be noted that the cities of Jam (in Fars province in southern Iran), Assaluyeh and Kangan (in Bushehr province in southern Iran) are also considered as the production hub of these dates.

These dates, unlike other dates produced in Iran, have a special status due to their lack of recognition and introduction it has not had a good market in european , american and african countries.

There are many things to do.

At present, Iran’s weather conditions, especially in Behbahan city (in Khuzestan province in southern Iran) are more suitable and suitable for cultivation of this crop.

How to find the best price for dates?

In order to find the most resonable price for high quality dates the only way is seek on corporated and trusted institiutians .

In this regard, it should be noted that invalid site pricing should not be included in these reviews.

This will only be possible by reviewing and accrediting reputable companies to guarantee the purchase and ensure the highest dates at a reasonable price.

There are many companies and stores that have both in-person and online offering are responsible for selling and exporting their top-notch dates, so experts in this field and marketers and businessmen can easily Check the relevant sites to purchase the requested dates.

The reason for the difference between the price of Behbahan and Kangan Lulu dates:

As mentioned above, we can say that the best quality and most suitable Lulu dates are from Behbahan area (Khuzestan province in southern Iran).

This quality is definitely due to the way the date is cultivated and produced, and how to keep it until harvest and provide the right climate and climate.

Of course, the dates of the Kangan product (in Bushehr province in southern Iran) are also of good quality because all these dates can be grown and grown in hot and dry climate of southern Iran.

But compared to dates of Behbahan Aloyi (in Khuzestan province in southern Iran) it has lower quality.

It should be noted that this difference in the quality of dates will also affect its price.

Buyers of aloe dates should therefore know that if they are of the highest quality and quality for them, they can purchase on the basis of the information stated and based on the evidence available on various sites and materials about this type of date.

Price difference between bulk dates and packaging dates

The difference between these two types of dates is the different packaging costs.

So marketers and real buyers of dates can buy and sell their requested dates at varying rates.

Therefore, for large scale purchases and large levels, shoppers can easily choose bulk dates and buy bulk items in order to save money on various dates packages.

Look no further and make a purchase that suits your interests and desires with confidence.

The difference in tonnage Custom

In purchases with different tonnages, buyers should consider that they can place their order in tonnages of more than 100 tonnes for a more economical and cost-effective purchase.

These orders certainly help a lot saving money.

Benefits of providing dates from Crystal Corporation

The company, having the trust symbol of the Ministry of Health and quality control supervisors in attractive and up-to-date packaging, has been able to export and sell dates throughout Iran as well as various countries.

Therefore, the buyers of dates can buy the most suitable prices for the highest quality and most exportable dates from this reputable company and the credibility of the company and the quality of its production dates can be guaranteed.


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