Maryam Dates

Maryam Dates

Maryam dates are a type of semi-dry date that are grown in Iran. These types of dates have a very high quality and very pleasant taste and are considered one of the luxury dates in Iran. The high quality and very delicious taste of Maryam dates have caused them to find many buyers in other countries. Maryam dates are very similar in appearance and quality to Medjool dates, but their color is slightly different. This type of date is one of the commercial cultivars and is in great demand both in Iran and in other countries. The shape of Maryam dates is thin and elongated and their color is light brown. They are also found in dark brown color. Maryam dates are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and have a very high nutritional value. The skin of Maryam dates is completely attached to their flesh, so they are very easy to wash. Dates can be a great snack for you and provide your body with energy during the day. 


Maryam Dates Price

We, Crystal Dates Company, are Maryam dates manufacturers, and due to the direct supply of our products, we offer a variety of Iranian dates to our customers at a very competitive and reasonable price. Maryam dates price is higher than the price of other products due to their high quality. In addition to Maryam dates, we offer many other high quality Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates to date buyers at wholesale prices. We are a wholesaler of Maryam dates and all varieties of dates and date products, and we can supply the freshest and highest quality Maryam dates to foreign markets. To inquire about Maryam dates price, feel free to contact us.

Maryam Dates Supplier

Buy Maryam Dates

When buying Maryam dates, make sure that the dates are not too dry. Maryam dates are dry dates, but they should not be too dry when chewed. To ensure the freshness of Maryam dates, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company. We are a Maryam dates wholesaler and sort the best and freshest Maryam dates for supply to foreign markets and pack them in suitable boxes. We offer you Maryam dates at a wholesale price. If you buy Maryam dates in bulk, you can enjoy our special discount. You can also buy a variety of our date products such as chopped dates in bulk.

Buy Maryam Dates

Maryam Dates Exporter

Crystal Dates Company is one of the largest exporters of Maryam dates in Iran with the export of more than 1000 tons of Maryam dates per year. As the cultivation area of Maryam dates is limited in Iran and the harvest volume of these dates is low compared to other dates and there is a high demand for these dates, Crystal Dates Company collects quality dates at the beginning of the season to meet the needs of customers during the year. Iranian Maryam dates are exported to many countries in the world and Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh have been our major customers of Maryam dates in recent years. According to Bangladesh’s international trade law, importing companies in Bangladesh are only allowed to purchase goods from other countries by opening LCs. Crystal Dates Company announces its readiness to sell a variety of dates, including Maryam dates, to other countries with LCs. Our company is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and we have active bank accounts and made it possible for foreign companies that intend to buy Maryam dates or other varieties of dates to make payments with LCs. As the largest exporter of dates as well as date products such as date syrup, date paste, and pitted dates, we are happy to offer the highest quality Maryam dates to our customers in the international markets on time at a reasonable and competitive price.  So it’s our pleasure to assist you and are here to make sure customers have a great experience using our products and services.

Maryam Dates Price

Maryam Dates Supplier

Crystal Dates Company relies on modern methods of cultivating, harvesting, processing and packaging of dates and date products and supplies a large variety of Iranian dates such as Rabbi dates, Kali dates, Sayer dates, Zahedi dates, Lulu dates, and Khassui dates directly to domestic and foreign markets in bulk. Our company has all the food safety standards and has always tried to deliver the freshest and high quality products to its customers at a reasonable price by observing food health standards.

Crystal Dates Company has a brilliant history in exporting various dates and one of its goals has always been speed ​​in providing services and quality. Crystal Dates Company, a Maryam dates supplier offers a variety of dates in bulk or in beautiful and varied packaging or custom packaging. For more information on the wholesale supply of Maryam dates and other products of this company, please contact our WhatsApp number or send us an email. 


Maryam dates are grown in Iran.

No, Maryam date is a dry or semi-dry date and does not need to be transported with refrigerated containers.

Maryam dates are 3.5 to 5 cm and weigh about 10 to 12 grams.

Maryam is just another name for Piarom dates and they are not different from each other.

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