Mazafati Dates price [ Best Price ]

Mazafati Dates price

Mazafati Dates price cultivated in Iran and in cities of Bam, Jiroft and … You can ask the experts of Crystal Company.


Mazafati Rotab Price in 2020

In 2020, the country was experiencing economic change and dates price increased. Because Iran is the only producer of Mazafati in the world, the only effect on the world price of these dates, and these dates increased in international markets.

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Many Mazafati buyers did not expect this price increase because it caused problems in purchasing, however, it should be noted that Iranian companies also have to pay more for these dates.

How to find the best price Mazafati dates?

Usually foreign companies and businessmen have trouble finding the right price, one of the problem is finding reputable companies for the price of dates.

You should know that if you buy dates from intermediaries and untrustworthy people in the date market, you have to pay more, but reputable companies such as Crystal can offer you  affordable prices.

Why is this happening? Why do intermediaries raise prices?

Dates when harvested from palm trees are then transferred to cold storage.

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Authentic companies such as Crystal Corporation have dedicated refrigerators in date-producing cities so that they can be kept in proper condition as soon as the date is harvested. For this reason, the price that reputable companies provide is definitely better.

Is the price of different Mazafati different?

Naturally, in fruits as well as dates, different qualities of fruit differ in price, the same is true for Mazafati dates, the types of Mazafati available in the market due to differences in their prices. The best type of Mazafati is more expensive than the others, which is the export Mazafati .

Is the price of these dates in Bam different from Tehran?

Bam is not the cost of transportation because it is the birthplace of these dates, but Tehran covers the cost of transportation because it is far from Bam. But why do so many foreign customers come to Tehran to buy dates? Because Tehran is the capital of Iran and is more accessible, on the one hand, many foreign buyers are more familiar with Tehran,  in Tehran, they can easily relate to other people they know.

Select Tehran to buy dates. Of course, there are also some Mazafati date shoppers traveling to Bam City and connecting directly with companies in Bam Refrigerator, which is also for Crystal and some of its foreign customers.

They travel to bam and negotiate with crystal company to buy dates .

Does Mazafati packaging increase its price?

The type of packaging also causes the price of dates to rise. Companies operating on dates have their own proprietary packaging with international standard labels and that costs them the same. On the other hand, since packaging has a great impact on product sales, one must be careful when buying dates. Also the packaging design has its own costs.

Does the Price of 2 rows and 3 rows difference?

Due to the difference in quality of 2 rows and 3 rows, these two types of Mazafati are different in price.

Usually double row dates are more expensive and of a higher quality and many consumers of Mazafati like to use double row dates.

What are the factors that reduce the price of dates?

Incompatible dates, having pests, shrinkage, date crunches, lack of date palette, improper packaging, and many other factors cause the quality of the dates to decline, as well as lower the final price.

The effect of the order at a price

The order volume causes the finished price to fall, but it should be borne in mind that many high-order date companies unfortunately lower the quality of the date and the poor quality palm dates become a poor quality to buy.

Usually the minimum order that Crystal Company can supply is 24 tons and in fact equals a 20 foot container. Note that at high tonnage, the price will be lower for Mazafati because Crystal Company also considers customers welfare.