Mazafati dates supplier

mazafati dates supplier


Occupying a considerable place of date supply, Mazafati Dates, also known as Kimia Dates, Khajoor Dates, Bam Dates, is the most famous and distinguishing mark within Iranian date’s production. The affordable Mazafati Dates price and its excellent taste have turned it into a widely sold date in domestic and national markets. Crystal Dates Company is the largest supplier of Mazafati Dates. This Company wants to supply you with the best and high-quality Mazafati Dates of Iran.


Mazafati Dates Supplier in Iran

Crystal Dates Company is known as the leading supplier of Mazafati Dates in Iran. Mazafati Dates are known as the best and most popular dates, whether among Iranian dates or the world dates, which have a delicious taste, benefits, and nutritional value. Mazafati Dates are one of the most important dates for supply in Iran as well, and many suppliers in Iran supply these dates. The suppliers of Mazafati dates in Iran must be thoroughly familiar with the conditions of sale and storage of these dates. Crystal Dates Company is one of the leading suppliers of Mazafati dates of Bam with its cold storage. This Company supplies Mazafati Dates with proper packaging and high quality. 


mazafati dates supplier

Mazafati Dates Supplier in India

India is one of the most important buyers of Mazafati dates.

Crystal Dates Company is known as the leading supplier of Bam in India.

The supply of these dates in Bam must be under the hygiene and proper packaging of the Indian market.

Weights of 550, 600 and 650 grams usually have more buyers in this country.


Mazafati Dates Supplier in other Countries


Crystal Dates Company is the supplier of Mazafati Dates in Iran, but this Company is also the leading supplier of Mazafati Dates worldwide. Many countries Buy Mazafati Dates from Iran. Crystal Dates Company provides a high quality and first-grade Mazafati dates export to national markets. The supplier of Mazafati in Europe and neighboring countries is Crystal Dates Company. This Company is known as the leading supplier of Mazafati Dates in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Russia, and Europe. Our Company can be connected with Mazafati Dates distributors through its annual exports to these countries and thoroughly understand the market conditions. Having a branch in Dubai and Europe, Crystal Dates Company can quickly provide the required Mazafati Dates of many nations.

Moreover, Crystal Dates Company is active in producing and supplying the other types of dates, and it is known as Sayer Dates Supplier, Piarom Dates Supplier, Rabbi Dates Supplier.


How to Package Mazafati Dates?

Dates are carefully selected piece by piece to ensure the uniformity of their size & weight to exceed the highest quality as defined by the admitted standard in the world. Crystal Dates Company can supply Mazafati Dates in any size order. Additionally, customized product weight and packaging are available. Our Company as the best supplier of Mazafati Dates uses all the newest technology in supplying these dates. We are ready to provide Mazafati Dates with the finest quality of these Dates.



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