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Mazafati Dates account for 20% of Iran’s total export production.

Approximately 120,000 tons of Mazafati Dates are harvested annually.

Mazafati Dates have huge domestic as well as international consumption.

These dates are also called as Kimia dates, Iranian Rotab and Rotab Mazafati.

The harvest time of these dates is between the months of September and November.

Normally these dates are exported in packages of 550, 650 and 800 grams.

The bulk packaging of these dates is 5kg.

Crystal Dates Company is considered as one of the biggest Mazafati Dates Wholesaler in Iran , Dubai, UAE, India , Mumbai, Malaysia , Indonesia, Bangladesh , Russia , Europe and … .

India needs a Mazafati Dates Wholesaler who can supply these dates throughout the year.

India is one of the most populous countries and Crystal Dates Company has the capability of supplying this whole population with Mazafati dates, hence it’s considered as the sole Mazafati Dates Wholesaler in India .

European countries want to buy Mazafati Dates from a wholesaler who is very concerned about Mazafati Dates Packaging, it should be standard, stylish, suitable for European market and up to date packaging. Crystal Dates Company is the first choice of European countries as a stylish Mazafati Dates Wholesaler.

A genuine wholesaler must be equipped with sorting machines, vacuum and strapping machines, shearing, and shrink wrap machines. Crystal Company being equipped with all these machines, is known as mechanized Mazafati Dates Wholesaler.

Indonesia and Bangladesh, are among Muslim countries who have high demand for Mazafati Dates. Crystal Company by supplying Mazafati dates on a competitive price, is considered as a fair Mazafati Dates Wholesaler in these countries.

An excellent Mazafati Dates Wholesaler must be familiar with the Mazafati export rules and regulations of the target country. While exporting to Russia, you must know they are very strict about food import, any commodity must have certain standards and certificates. Crystal Dates Company being the only BRC certified company with a retail license in the UK, having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, having all the standards of the Ministry of Health, 12 national date standards and 6 International ISO Certificates from Italy, is the only Mazafati Dates Wholesaler who can easily export to Russia.

In India, importers intend to work with a Mazafati dates Wholesaler who has all national and international licenses and halal marks for their products.

Crystal Dates Company, equipped with 4 shearing and strapping machines, is fully familiar with all export rules and regulations and possesses all national and international licenses and halal marks.

Mazafati Dates Wholesaler must be equipped with cold storages, and our Company is also equipped with dedicated refrigerators, which is favored by many countries as they would like to purchase Mazafati throughout the year.

Dubai importers are in search of a Mazafati Dates Wholesaler who will assure product quality, accept order on large scale, make transactions in other currencies such as US Dollars, Dirhams, Rupees and etc.  and have an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Crystal Dates Company can be considered as a well-known Mazafati Dates wholesaler in Dubai, as it supplies best quality mazafati dates and has the ability to supply on large scale order and can make transactions in other currencies and issue LC.

And delivering Mazafati Dates in the shortest possible time is one of the benefits of working with Crystal Date Company.

Crystal Company with many years of experience in date export around the globe, knows all the rules and regulations and market information and required packaging of the target countries.

Crystal Dates Company with many years of history in the export of Mazafati Dates to Dubai, UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and familiarity with all export laws, as well as the date market across the world and participation in most food fairs has a favorable position in the top Mazafati Dates Wholesaler.

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