Nutritional and therapeutic properties of dates

Nutritional and therapeutic properties of dates

Nutritional and Healthy Properties Date is one of the most important and valuable properties of dates that not only some date specialists but also the general public need to make this nutrient an integral part of their food basket.

Dates are a heavenly fruit and one of the holiest fruit trees. The fruit is rich in valuable nutrients and fresh and can be used to form a variety of products. Palm is produced from various crops for use in agricultural production and human and animal nutrition, and each date palm is useful for human life.

Dates nutritional properties

Approximately 75% of the dates are carbohydrates and sugar. It is rich in vitamins E, C, B2, B1, A and minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. We find out the high nutritional value of dates when we know that 160 calories per 100 grams of fresh dates and more than 300 calories per 100 grams of dried dates.

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Palm universal application in industry

Fruit :

Juice, vinegar, flour paste, jam, pickles, condiments, desserts, chocolate, alcohol, soda, livestock feed and date honey.

Core :

Production of oils, carbonyl lauryl alcohol, animal feed and poultry feedstuffs, raw materials, detergents (shampoo, soap, washing powder, etc.)

To know:

A grain of dates and a glass of milk can completely satisfy a person’s daily dietary needs.


Manufacture of all kinds of knitted utensils, mat, roof covering and …

Leaf and veins rule:

Fuel consumption, making baskets, manual vacuuming, floating fishing net and …


Fan, hat, bag, mat, basket, rope, pillow and mattress ..

pollen :

Hand and face emollient ointment, sexual enhancement and …

Wood trunk:

Paper, chipboard, covering buildings and bridges and

Compare the calories in 450 grams of dates with other substances

Type of food            Calories

Date                           1275

Beef                            1096

Bread                          1014

Egg                               734

Fish                               500

Potato                           400

Health benefits of dates

Anticancer :

Dates can prevent molecular degradation and mutation by inhibiting free radicals. Dates are a well-known way to treat cancer and other infectious diseases.

Eating 15 grams of dates can meet your daily iron requirement and are very effective in treating anemia.

Polio Treatment:

Patients with this disease are advised to consume a few dates daily.

Stomach ulcer treatment:

Palm oil is very helpful in healing stomach ulcers, headaches and hair loss.

Treatment of chronic constipation:

Dates are laxative fruits that relieve chronic constipation

Nervous & Visual Enhancer:

Phosphorus in the dates fortifies the nervous system and vision and eliminates fatigue.

Heart and liver booster:

A fresh spatum of male date palm (tarun) is a booster for the heart and liver.

Youthful acne remedies:

Due to its high magnesium, dates are anti-acne pimples and relieves wrinkles

Prevent kidney and bladder problems:

Magnesium is critical for the kidneys and bladder, and its deficiency also provides the basis for cancer. It should be noted that dates are high in magnesium.

For a quiet and comfortable sleep before bedtime, take a date with a glass of warm milk.


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