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Piarom Dates price depends on many factors.

This date also called Maryami dates, so the Maryami Dates price is the same as Piarom.

Price declared by our company in a particular period is valid and must point to note when price quotations.

Piarom date is one of the varieties of production in Iran which is well received by other countries because of its pleasant taste and appearance.

Crystal Trading Company has packaged and exported this product according to international standards and currently exports to more than 26 countries.

Our company can provide you with the most reasonable price.

To request a quote, simply submit an email at the bottom of the page.

Piarom dates price in India

Due to the proximity and existence of a sea route from Iran to Indian ports, dates are transported from Bandar Abbas to India by sea.

This date is also known as chocolate and Maryami dates in India.

Contact our experts for more information and up-to-date dates.

Piarom dates price in Dubai

Due to existing trade sanctions as well as Iran’s trade conditions, most buyers go to Dubai instead of going directly to Iran.

The type of packaging, average weight and quality of dates are effective in its pricing.

Piarom is usually exported to European countries due to its luxury and high price.

This date is the most expensive Iranian date in Dubai.

You can also inquire about the price of Piarom dates in Dubai through the Crystal branch in the UAE.

Piarom dates price in Europe

Having a branch in France, Crystal can offer buyers the current price of Piarom dates.

Piarom dates that are distributed in Europe must be of high quality.

Piarom is known as a luxury and expensive date in Europe.

The packaging of this date is very important in its price

Piarom dates price in Iran

Piarom is cultivated only in Iran due to its special cultivation conditions and also the unique type of dates.

The cities producing this date in Iran are also very limited.

In Iran, Piarom is not widely consumed and these dates are mostly exported.

You can ask the experts of Crystal Company for the price of Piarom dates in Iran.

Price of Piarom date in 20211

There are many factors that influence the pricing of food products, such as product quality, cultivated land, supply and demand, climate, storage conditions, etc.

As a result, prices usually experience daily fluctuations.

Therefore, the company considering the price and the cost imposed to announce its most reasonable price for customer satisfaction.

Buying Date Piarom in high tonnage

Typically, high-tonnage agricultural products are purchased in three major ways:

  • Purchase the product from the producer city at the time of harvest
  • Purchase product in ports
  • Purchase product from Trading Company

According to the analysis of the importance of customer price, time and product quality is one of the ways to properly consider the purchase.

Usually foreign buyers tend to work with reputable companies and plan for long-term cooperation.

Also reputable companies are able to supply high tonnage dates.

Choosing the most appropriate way to buy dates safely

To buy Piarom dates If you are looking for the cheapest price and if you’re familiar with all of the manufacturer, buy date from the bulk of the city.

Although cheaper in price, it has no guarantees of date quality and usually includes discarding.

The shipping process is usually time consuming due to the customs rules and conditions of the country.

If your preference to buy is time, you can buy from ports and ports, which should be done by a trusted person as they are unaware of the place of production and product quality and packaging.

But we advise buyers to buy from registered companies. Because with a slight difference in price the buyer’s imagination is relieved by the quality, packaging and shipping.

The difference in price of Piarom

Piarom dates have different ratings. These ratings have an impact on its price.

Usually foreign buyers prefer to buy piarom dates.

The benefits of buying from us

Crystal Dates Company is equipped with private refrigerators with a total capacity of 4000 tons ready to deliver high tonnage products throughout the year.

Our company produces Piarom dates are from the best palm groves of Haji Abad city of Hormozgan province in the south of the country. Due to the company having ISO certificates and common standards of the country and the Halal Certificate, it provides the customers with sufficient quality assurance. Available in varied and attractive packaging according to customer requirements.

Price and purchase order

Purchase of Piarom dates in all branches of Crystal Trading Group is performed in common currencies.


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