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Piarom dates supplier Crystal


Crystal Dates Company is the largest supplier of Piarom dates.

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Piarom dates supplier in Iran

Piarom dates are one of the most important export dates and the most expensive dates in Iran.

This date is a product of southern Iran.

Very few suppliers in Iran supply these dates.

Crystal Dates Company is one of the main suppliers of dates in Bam with its own cold storage.

Dates of Crystal Dates Company are supplied with proper packaging and high quality.

The supplier of Piarom dates in Iran must be fully familiar with the conditions of sale and storage of these dates.

This date is the most luxurious and expensive Iranian date.

Piarom dates supplier in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important cities in the supply of dates.

Due to the proximity of Dubai and Iran, there are Piarom dates in Dubai.

This date is also known by other names such as Maryami and Chocolate Date.

Piarom is usually found in Dubai and is suitable for international markets.

Due to the luxurious nature of this date, there must be a first-grade type.

With a branch in Dubai, Crystal dates Company can easily provide the desired Piarom.

Piarom dates supplier in India

India is one of the most important buyers of Piarom dates.

Crystal dates Company is known as the main supplier of Piarom Dates in India.

The supply of these dates in Bam must be in accordance with the principles of hygiene and proper packaging of the Indian market.

The main place of harvest of this date is Hajiabad city in Hormozgan Province.

Due to the short distance from Bam to Hajiabad and also the arrival of more buyers in Bam, these dates are available in Bam.

Piarom dates supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia, as one of the Muslim countries and consumers of dates, is one of the buyers of Piarom.

Piarom supplier in this country is Crystal Dates Company.

Crystal Dates Company can be associated with Piarom distributors with annual exports to Indonesia and a thorough knowledge of the date market conditions in this country.

Piarom dates supplier in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known as the buyer of Piarom dates.

Buyers of dates from Bangladesh travel to Bam every year.

There is high quality and first grade Piarom for export to Bangladesh.

Piarom dates supplier in Russia

Russia is known as one of the buyers of Piarom in the world.

Strict rules for Piarom dates in Russia, as well as the conditions of the food industry in this country, make exporters face strict rules.

Russia usually recognizes these dates with special packaging.

On the other hand, due to the high price of this date, the type of packaging must be luxury and suitable for sale in Europe.

The supplier of Piarom dates in Russia is Crystal Dates Company.

Piarom dates supplier in Europe

With a branch in France, Crystal dates Company is known as a supplier of Piarom in Europe.

In addition to wholesale sales, this company also has the ability to sell retail.

European countries can supply the required Piarom from the European branch.

Packaging for European countries has a great impact on the supply of Piarom.

Also, all Crystal Dates Company packages have high quality Iranian and European standard marks.


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