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Piarom dates wholesaler Crystal dates company


Piarom dates are commercial and luxury dates, which are considered as export dates due to their good quality and high marketability.

Piarom have been able to attract the attention of global market.

These dates are comparatively more expensive than other dates, therefore exporters make a good deal out of selling these dates.

Piarom Dates are also called as Maryami Dates.

The color of Maryami dates are dark brown.

The flesh and skin of these dates are completely attached to each other which has given a beautiful and desirable appearance to this type of date.

This feature of Maryami dates has given it the ability to be easily washed.

Irani Piarom with lighter color have relatively lower price.

Bulk Piarom dates have a lower price than Piarom with packaging.

One of the interesting features of this date is its resistance to salinity.

These dates are also called as Chocolate dates.

They are cultivated in Haji Abad city of Hormozgan, located in south of Iran.

Most of these dates are exported to European countries, but other countries also buy them in the desired tonnage.

Crystal Dates Company is regarded as a well-known and famous Piarom Dates Wholesaler in Iran, Dubai, the UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and … .

Indian importers always look for a Piarom dates wholesaler who can supply these dates throughout the year without any break, as there is huge demand for these dates in India.

Crystal Dates Company, who is equipped with a cold storage in Bam city, can store Piarom dates for a year or more, hence they have the capability to supply these dates throughout the year.

European countries prefer to work with a Piarom dates wholesaler who supplies Piarom dates in standard, stylish, posh and fashionable packages.

Crystal Company who has spent huge amount of time and labor on its product packaging, is a famous Piarom Dates Wholesaler in Europe because of their exclusive packaging.

By having a branch in France, Crystal Company can supply Piarom Dates throughout Europe.

In Dubai, importers would like to buy Piarom dates from a Dates wholesaler who is equipped with shearing, strapping, vacuum and shrink machines, Crystal Dates Company is a company equipped with all these machines.

Bangladesh and Indonesia, due to their massive Muslim population, are in search of a Piarom dates Wholesaler who will supply these dates in lower price.

Crystal Company can offer these dates in bulk with a lower price. The more the order tonnage, the lesser the price. Hence Crystal Company is a renowned Piarom Dates Wholesaler in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Russia is a very strict country in terms of trading. Crystal Dates Company with having 12 national date standards, being the only BRC certified company with a retail license in the UK, having 6 International ISO Certificates from Italy, having all the standards of the Ministry of Health and having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is considered as the sole Piarom Dates Wholesaler who supplies a huge tonnage of Maryami Dates to Russia, with a lot of experience about this country’s trade rules.

Crystal Dates Company can make transactions in other currencies such as US dollars, Dirhams, Rupees etc. and also make transactions through LC, these advantages are favored by Dubai importers to choose the best Piarom Dates Wholesaler.

Crystal Company also can supply Maryami dates in the shortest possible time which is the main criterion for many importers across the world. Hence Crystal Dates Company is considered as the premier Piarom Dates Wholesaler in Iran, Dubai, the UAE, India, Mumbai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Europe and … .

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