Pitted Dates

Pitted Dates

What are pitted dates?

Pitted dates are actually dates that have had their pits removed for easier consumption and due to the high consumption of these dates, it accounts for the largest amount of exports. There are various types of pitted dates, and the most used dates for preparing pitted dates are Sayer dates, which account for about 90% of the abundance. Pitted dates are exported to the countries bordering the Arabian Sea, Asian countries and European countries every year due to their high use and high demand among dates, and they have high sales in these areas.


Pitted Dates Properties

Pitted dates have several properties. These dates contain vitamins A, B, C, E and D and are rich in minerals such as fiber, phosphorus and potassium. The presence of many vitamins and minerals in dates has led to the use of pitted dates in the food industry and these dates are used in a variety of pastries, cakes, chocolates and so on. Other properties and uses of pitted dates include the use of these dates for body building. Patients with diabetes are also recommended to use pitted dates because they contain natural sugars. Pitted dates are also a ready-made nutritious product for feeding children. 

Pitted Dates Price

Determining the Iranian pitted date price depends on several factors. Among the factors that are considered in determining the price of these dates, we can mention the quality of dates, type of packaging, and the type of storage of pitted dates. Of course, it is also important to note that if pitted dates are sold in bulk, they will naturally have a much more reasonable and cost-effective price than regular sales. For more information on pitted dates wholesale and price, you can refer to Crystal Dates Company. 

Pitted Dates Price

Buy Pitted Dates

Pitted dates are one of the most important export products of Iran that have their pits removed during the packaging and depot. Then after inspection and quality control, pitted dates are stored in special warehouses until sold. Inside these warehouses, equipped cold storages are used for proper storage and prevention of spoilage of dates as well as keeping dates fresh. To buy pitted dates, you can apply through Crystal Dates Company and contact our sales agents and pitted dates suppliers in the shortest possible time and buy pitted dates without intermediaries. For more information, you can contact our sales department on WhatsApp or send a message to our email address available on Crystal Dates Company website.  

Buy Pitted Dates

Pitted Dates Export

As mentioned, there are different types of pitted dates, and dates such as Medjool dates, Sayer dates, Zahedi dates, etc. are used for processing and using pitted dates. They are also used in the preparation and manufacturing of such products as date paste. Iran is one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of pitted dates in the world and annually exports its products to various countries such as European countries and Asian countries, especially Arab countries. The most important and most exports of pitted dates are related to Sayer pitted dates, which Crystal Dates Company exports to different countries at a reasonable and very competitive price. 

Pitted Dates Supplier

Pitted dates are one of the most widely used and popular date products manufactured in Iran. Pitted dates are exported in significant amounts, so that it has a major part of the exports of Iranian dates. In Iran, there are many pitted dates supplying companies that export this product at different prices. The difference between these companies is in the use of processed dates, the type of product packaging, as well as the way of storing pitted dates. You can ensure the reasonable prices of Crystal Dates Company by comparing the pitted dates prices of Crystal Dates Company with those of other companies exporting this product. 

Pitted Dates Wholesale

Crystal Dates Company, as one of the largest exporters and wholesalers of pitted dates, examines the needs of pitted dates customers and importers around the world and provides the importers with pitted dates. Crystal Dates Company supplies the products that are worthy of name to the world market. For more information about pitted dates wholesales, please contact us via WhatsApp or email. 


The amount of calories in pitted dates

Pitted dates have a high nutritional value and, as mentioned, these dates are rich in minerals and a variety of vitamins. In general, a typical pitted date has 66 calories, 18 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of sugar and a total of 16 grams of manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and fiber. All these products contain natural sugar and are free of any fats and cholesterol, which makes Iranian pitted dates one of the healthiest foods.



No, these pitted dates are not stuffed with nuts.

Pitted dates are made from different dried or moist dates.

Our pitted dates are organic and they are not exposed to sulfur dioxide.

Pitted dates are made for easy consumption in making smoothies, pastries, cakes or foods or just eaten out of the bag.

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