Possibility of acidosis due to consumption of date waste

Possibility of acidosis due to consumption of date waste

Considering the end of the date harvest and the increase in the consumption of date waste as animal feed, farmers should be careful about the increase in acidosis.

Acidosis is a metabolic disease of livestock that occurs with the consumption of sugars such as dates, wheat, barley, etc. and causes the production of acidic substances such as lactic acid in the rumen.

Severe anorexia, depression and lethargy, increased heart rate and general weakness of the body, pain in the abdomen in which the animal kicks in the abdomen due to severe pain, and diarrhea with mucus are common symptoms of acidosis in livestock.

The most important cause of acidosis in livestock is a sudden change in animal feed and excessive consumption of grains and cereals. To prevent the livestock from getting infected by acidosis, they should be fed livestock grains at regular intervals.

The nutrition of the sheep should be controlled to prevent overeating and excessive consumption of date waste and the occurrence of this dangerous disease in sheep.


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