Rabbi Dates Exporter

rabbi dates exporter


It is one of the most famous dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province, located south of Iran.

These dates are exported to Pakistan in bulk quantities with no proper packaging, due to the lack of workshops and packaging industries in the area.

They are repacked in Pakistan and resold to world markets as Pakistani Dates unfortunately.

These dates are blackish red in color and have clear and shiny appearance.

These dates have a moisture content of 16%, hence they have low humidity. They have high shelf life and face no problems regarding storage.

The flesh and skin of these dates stick together, and they have a different taste.

These dates share a similarity with Piarom dates , but they are darker in color compared to Piarom.

You can soak these dates in edible paraffin oil.

As Rabbi Dates is considered as one of the luxury dates of Iran, it gradually has a higher price.

Usually, the packaging of these dates is special and suitable for export markets.

You can find these dates in 450 gram, 5 kg and 10 kg packaging mostly.

The most recalled Rabbi dates Exporter in countries such as the UAE, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Russia, Europe and etc. is Crystal Dates Company.

The UAE is considered as one of the Persian Gulf Countries. Dubai and Iran sharing a close proximity, is the capital of the UAE.

Dubai as the international business hub, is the reason that many importers travel to this city to find the right Rabbi Dates Exporter that supplies these dates in proper and luxurious packaging and can transact through LC.

Crystal Dates Company as a premier and famous Rabbi Dates Exporter in Dubai, has a branch installed in Dubai. The criterion for a decent Rabbi Dates Exporter among importers in Dubai is to make transactions in other currencies such as US Dollars, Dirhams, Rupees and etc. Crystal Company has this advantage.

Crystal Company is regarded as the best Rabbi Dates Exporter to India, as this company has a lot of experience about India Date Market and has few more advantages than other competing companies, such as being equipped with a cold storage in Bam city.

Indian importers hunt Rabbi Dates Exporters who can supply Rabbi Dates all throughout the year, Crystal Company having a cold storage, can store these days for a very long time, and these dates face less issues regarding storage and refrigeration.

There is a certain amount of Rabbi Dates exported to Malaysia yearly. This country has been growing in date import in the last few years, Crystal Company having a lot of experience about import laws, rules and regulations and date market in Malaysia, is considered as the best Rabbi Dates Exporter.

Rabbi dates are supplied through Port Klang which is the largest port in Malaysia, by Crystal dates Company, the biggest Rabbi Dates Exporter in Malaysia.

Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan mostly prefer Rabbi Dates Exporters who supply these dates in bulk quantities with competitive pricing. Crystal Company having this advantage, is considered as the premier choice of the importers as the Rabbi Dates Exporters.

Rabbi dates are supplied through Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport), Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport) and Chittagong, the largest seaport in Bangladesh, by Crystal Dates Company as the main Rabbi Dates Exporter.

Russia is a very cold country. Consumption of dates have become a habit between Russian people as it has a hot nature.

Crystal Company being familiar with current import conditions, laws, rules and regulations of Russia, is considered as the main Rabbi Dates Exporter. Crystal Dates Company with having all the standards of the Ministry of Health, having 12 national date standards, having 6 International ISO Certificates from Italy, being the only BRC certified company with a retail license in the UK and having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is the only Rabbi Dates Exporter to work with Russia.

Rabbi Dates are luxurious dates, hence they are also expensive.

For export of these dates to European countries, importers look for a genuine Rabbi Dates Exporter who supplies these dates in luxury and standard packaging.

Crystal Dates Company, being equipped with a packaging unit, has designed the best and fashionable packaging for Rabbi Export to Europe. It also has the advantage of printing customer’s own label on the package.

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