Rabbi Dates Price [ Best price $ ]

Rabbi Dates Price

Rabbi Dates Price : Rabbi is of the iranian production and export dates.

Like many dates in Iran, this date grows only in Iran and is of the highest quality in Sistan and Baluchistan (southern Iran).

Rabbi dates are cultivated and harvested in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Iran), which is considered the best type of Rabbi.



Dates are a valuable food because it riched in minerals and nutrients.

Price of dates per year

The price of these dates increased in 2019 but in 2020 the price of these dates almost stabilized.

This increase can be attributed to inflation as well as the increase in date prices in Iran.

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Prices of Rabbi dates in Iran

Rabbi dates, is popular in Iran and other countries.  Rabi date with its sweet and unique taste is the earliest date in Iran.

The sweetness of these dates is not high and this is one of the things that make these dates more attractive.

This dates is similar to Piarom however, there are differences.

Some of these differences can be noted Rabbi dates back to taste as well. Since these two types of dates are economically high, so this could have an impact on their price difference.

In general, it can be said that the price of dates has increased in compare with last year due to the rising inflation and economic conditions.

In addition, since these dates are the main product of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province, (located in southern Iran), it is more expensive to ship and supply dates to other cities and countries.

It should also be noted that date palm is one of the dates that has high potential for sale and export to other countries.

How to find the best price for dates?

In these times of rising prices people, as well as marketers and applicants for dates, are looking for the best and most appropriate dates for purchase so that they can provide the best and most quality dates at the most reasonable prices.

So should carefully study the major centers selling dates, as well as queries in the field of professionals and informed, the best shopping centers desired date and classy at the best prices to be found.

Today, there are many prestigious centers, stores and companies that sell and export quality dates.

People can find the best and most reasonable price by visiting the relevant sites and studying the activities of these companies and sales centers and thereby secure their purchase.

Price difference between bulk dates and packaging dates

Based on the stated prices of dates, it can be considered that in some cases where the consumption is very high, or when the demand of different export companies is high, the purchase of dates in packaging can be costly.

The difference in tonnage Custom

Most date buyer companies as well as date export centers and companies are looking to buy dates at a more affordable price with the most dates.

Hence, the above tonnages consider based on your order and sales in accordance with the amount they are doing.

This is because much higher dates on low tonnage orders, unlike low tonnage orders, can be paid less.

Therefore, the advice of the majority of companies for sale and export is to buy at very high tonnage, so that they can buy and procure more dates at lower cost than the low tonnage order.

Benefits of providing dates from Crystal Corporation

With over two decades of trading and exporting dates, Crystal has achieved a prominent position among the top reputable date export companies.

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The company has gained the confidence of the majority of real date buyers from inside and outside the country by providing them the opportunity to buy dates in different quantities and supply and export high quality dates to all parts of Iran.

The company meets all the standards of the Ministry of Health and employs the most up-to-date and accurate packaging machines, its high-quality dates in well-packaged factories, with attractive, up-to-date designs, and with due diligence. On-the-job health packages.

This company, because it seeks to satisfy all buyers, is therefore seeking to increase the quality of cultivated dates and provide the best opportunities for cultivating quality dates until after the harvest and in accordance with the rules. Available to export and supply around the world with special packaging and high tonnage orders.