The role of Bam in Iranian Date industry

This city is located in south of Iran and in Kerman province.

Kerman province is one of the most important provinces in Iranian economy.

Bam is one of the historical and ancient cities of Iran.

The province, with two pistachio and date crops, has been able to make a significant profit in recent years.

Bam is the capital of Iranian dates.

The city is able to produce Mazafati variety of global markets to buy Iranian Dates force.

The city of Bam has many cold stores for storing and selling dates.

Many foreign buyers of dates must visit Bam’s cold stores to buy.

What are Bam dates?

Mazafati dates and Kalute dates are the most important dates in Bam.

It is interesting to note that the Kaute dates are also very similar to the Mazafati dates.

Also, the city’s soil and climatic conditions have made these two dates only high quality in these areas, which is remarkable.

Bam date packaging

Bam dates are available in different packaging for assortment.

Crystal is also a concern for appropriate packaging for the dates Bam.

Crystal has been able to find suitable packaging for these dates in recent years.

Bam nearness to Iran southern

One of the interesting points is also near the city of Bam to Bandar Abbas.

Many exported goods are shipped by sea to destinations, which is also true for dates.

The city of Bam to Bandar Abbas is conveniently located so that foreign buyers can easily download and export dates.

It is also close to other Iranian ports and has a good geographical location.


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