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Sayer Dates Price  : Sayer Dates than the best varieties for export of Iran.

Unlike many other date palm varieties, the price of first grade dates is cheaper and this has led to the export of Sayer dates always.

Most of the Sayer dates are washed and oiled in 5 and 10kg cartons.

Khuzestan date palm is one of the best-selling and most expensive dates in Iran. Other high quality dates are available in both marketed and non-kerneled dates.

Price of dates in 2021

At present, most people working in the field are witnessing that the price has risen sharply compared to last year, according to recent research and data on the latest approved production and export dates. Now it can be generally said that this price increase is based on the preparation, cultivation and harvesting activities as well as supply and export. In addition to these factors, the increase in the level of inflation and economic conditions as well as the rise in the rate of price increase date this year has been effective.

Therefore, it can be predicted that, in line with the rise in prices of all the factors mentioned and the raw materials and conditions of export date production, we will most likely see a more dramatic price increase in 2020 than now.

It should be noted that these prices are taken into account by farmers’ effort and the initial production line of the dates, then by the packing factories, followed by suppliers and marketers.

In general, the date value according to the following criteria is pricing:

  • The amount of dates produced in the new season according to the price and export rate of the previous year
  • First or second-rate dates
  • Area and palm tree from which dates were harvested
  • Date packing type


How to find the best price for dates?

The best and most convenient way to find the most accurate pricing date can visit the site by reputable companies are exporting Iranian date.

Also the people involved in the sales and supply markets of the dates, as well as the date traders on these issues, the prices and the most appropriate ones, can be a great guide in this regard.

In addition, the active exporting companies as well as the leading Iranian date manufacturing companies are there to produce dates and deliver them to marketers in supply and export, and can also, to some extent, identify the most affordable dates

In this regard, many stores are in addition to the activities of the person selling the desired date with the most reasonable price, online and internet service and the way the sale and supply of palm somewhat to say That doesn’t have much of a difference in pricing and achieving high prices, so you can be confident and easy to buy with complete confidence and with the most reasonable price.

It can be said that the most suitable and desirable dates are from Shadegan city in Khuzestan province (south of Iran). Therefore, the degree of quality and specificity of these dates in this area can be attributed to the very precise cultivation and provision of those dates to market.

As the date of colonization of Abadan (south of Iran) is also of good quality dates, but does not reach the degree of quality of Shadegan colonies of Khuzestan (south of Iran).

It can now be said that these important differences in the quality of Sayer dates in different regions have caused the prices of these two dates to be very different in the two regions.

So people applying Sayer date and real buyers and exporters are definitely looking for quality and preference of dates for the offer and sale, hence most of their orders, although with a higher price, the date Sayer Shadegan Khuzestan (south Iran) done .

This, in addition to consolidating the demand for these high-quality dates inside and outside Iran, has also added to their numbers, and due to its excellent quality and unique taste, they have not paid much attention to the price of these dates.

Price difference between bulk dates and packaging dates

The difference between these two methods can be used to consider supply, the only fees are used for packaging dates.

In bulk dates, people can buy their quality dates at reasonable prices without paying extra for packaging.

However, in packing dates, buyers can probably order a limited number of dates, which are also priced at a discount.

The difference in tonnage Custom

Custom tonnage individuals may have different values from low to very high.

Here’s how you can be much more successful if you can only order these side-by-side costs if you can only order more than 100 tons or more. Tanks below 100 tonnes.

Therefore, most professionals take advantage of this important point in their trade and export and have more job opportunities.

Benefits of providing dates from Crystal Corporation

Crystal display having superior export firm date exports show a valid standard of food production in Iran could succeed in this field for decades

Many exporters inside and outside Iran are well acquainted with the activities of this successful export company and the quality of the first-class dates produced by the company itself in important date-growing cities such as Bam (in Kerman province in southern Iran). It seems, they have complete satisfaction.

Therefore, it is recommended for people who are not fully familiar with the activities and types of dates of the company with a very good quality, after thorough study of the company’s history, as well as inquiries from experts and marketers, from the genus dates and prices for high quality and reliability of the company informed Iran to export domestic and abroad, in the amount of your purchase and do different tonnage.


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